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Free Download - Game of War: Fire Age

You've seen the commercials starring the healthy model Kate Upton cajoling couch potato warriors to become part of the Game of War: Fire Age.

Here's the good news and bad news about this mega-popular and free, mobile, massive multiplayer online game available for iOS, Android and Amazon app compatible devices.

The good news is this gorgeous looking strategy challenge has plenty of time-consuming, addictive action. It demands players accumulate gold (or buy it through in-app purchase) to build armored armies, manage and stock resources, form alliances with other players and enter real time battles to conquer the world.

The fantasy style maelstrom takes place within colorful and cartoony environments through a near over the top perspective and pays homage to such classics as the early days of World of Warcraft and Sid Meier's Civilization. Serious mobile gamers will consider it a more complex version of Clash of the Clans.

Features include online chatting with fellow commanders (with a translation system that covers 32 languages), building everything from wall reinforcements to weapons, researching new technologies and taking part in a selection of quests to upgrade and gain rewards.

Bad news? You have little chance of fighting alongside any version of Kate Upton in real life. Instead, players are relegated to looking at her avatar as she encourages them into war while also asking them to spend real money to reinforce their kingdom. Feminists, feel free to fill in your own punch line here.

Here's the new Game of War trailer featuring Ms. Upton: