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Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams

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WILLIAMS: The One and his pursuit of 'fairness'

As grateful as I am for President Obama's profound, nonsensical meditations on the meaning of "hope," I am even more grateful that The One has come to make the world fair, and to tell us what fairness really means. Published May 20, 2012

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WILLIAMS: On gay marriage, Obama plays politics — badly

Biologists will tell you that evolution is never complete, and that it has no necessary direction; it is neither good nor bad, just something that happens. The president is supposedly done evolving on the issue of gay marriage, and it only took him 16 years — his entire political career. Published May 13, 2012

WILLIAMS: Mr. Hope and Change

Thales of Miletus, considered one of the first philosophers in history, said, perhaps jokingly, that hope is the most abundant thing in the world, because even when you have absolutely nothing, hey, at least you still have hope. Published May 6, 2012

WILLIAMS: God and Mammon

Famed pastor Joel Osteen captivated and overwhelmed our nation's capital over the weekend with more than 40,000 people at Nationals Park. His prosperity message was in full gear when he delivered his feel-good sermon to the faithful. Published April 29, 2012

WILLIAMS: 'We the People' at stake in health care decision

If the Supreme Court declares the individual mandate in Obamacare unconstitutional, can it sever the mandate from the remainder of the bill? If it can't, the entire legislation is null and void, and Congress must start again from scratch. Published April 22, 2012

WILLIAMS: Manufactured gaffes

This presidential campaign cycle can be measured by gaffes; they are becoming a way of marking time. Something could be said to have happened between the Holocaust survivor phone calls in Florida and "I'm not concerned about the very poor." Published April 1, 2012

WILLIAMS: Why the 1 percenters lean left

I have often asked myself, and heard it asked by others, why so many wealthy people support liberal causes. (This is the flip side of the usual election-year frustration of the liberals with the working classes' clinging to their guns and religion.) In this presidential campaign season, as in 2008, the Democratic Party, which claims with less and less credibility to be the champion of the poor, has far more money to spend than the Republican Party, which is said to be the party of the greedy upper classes; how could this be? Published March 25, 2012

WILLIAMS: The betrayal of Congressman West

Can someone please explain to me why the Republican Party in Florida allowed Rep. Allen B. West to be gerrymandered out of his congressional district? Published March 18, 2012

WILLIAMS: The New American era of socialism

We have veered so far from the vision of our Founding Fathers that, unless the American people regain a strong commitment to the traditional American values of self-reliance, individual liberty and equality of opportunity, our democracy will inevitably lead to socialism. Published March 4, 2012

WILLIAMS: Keynesian economics' optical illusions

Naturally, I disagree with much of the opposition and my well-meaning colleagues on the left in regards to Keynes and his school of economics. Many in this school of thought cannot accept the fact that Keynesian economics has never worked; it did not work in the Depression, nor has it worked any time since then. The only time stimulus has "worked" is after the economy has recovered and then becomes overheated by the stimulus. Keynesian economics is an excuse for politicians to buy off special interests and voters with other people's money. Let me address some of the opposition's specific points. Published February 26, 2012

WILLIAMS: A mortal sin

It is well known that the use of contraceptives and abortions are violations of Catholic Church doctrine. Published February 19, 2012

WILLIAMS: Conservatives win elections

Democrats are, and have always been, getting their way on taxing and spending. Here's proof of that: Government spending went up in 2011, despite the debt-ceiling showdown over the summer and at least three potential government shutdowns. Published February 12, 2012

WILLIAMS: Mourning in America

We must prepare ourselves for another four years of excessive spending, class warfare and unremitting political correctness. Published February 5, 2012

WILLIAMS: Romney and Bain Capital

How much does the public truly understand about the inner working of Bain Capital Group beyond the sound bites? Published January 22, 2012

WILLIAMS: Facing our problems

The black community faces, collectively, a series of problems, each related to the others, intertwined, each compounding one another, and we must face them all together; we, as a nation, cannot ignore any of them. Published January 15, 2012

WILLIAMS: The slow collapse of America's economic might

One of the foundations of the American Dream has always been the hope of someday purchasing one's own home. In the past, however, it took nearly a lifetime of sacrifice before most people could afford to do so. Published January 8, 2012

WILLIAMS: 2012: An upheaval of monumental proportions

This year will culminate in a presidential election that I think will mark the beginning of a political upheaval of both parties. Expect jarring aftershocks come November that will reverberate throughout the country well into 2013. What results from those elections in terms of what sets this country on the right path again is murky, like swamp water. But change is a comin', and our elected leaders had better pay attention this time. Published January 1, 2012