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Charles Hurt

Articles by Charles Hurt

HURT: Newt vs. Mitt is a study in contrasts

Mitt Romney is an Olympic preparer. He prepares for everything. Every possible eventuality is treated by him as if it were a strand of hair on his meticulously-coiffed head, placed just so with the utmost forethought and consideration. Published December 6, 2011

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks Nov. 22, 2011, at a Republican presidential debate in Washington. (Associated Press)

HURT: Gingrich is GOP's latest not-Romney

Getting Republicans to line up behind Mitt Romney, it turns out, is like trying to stuff a cat into a trash can. No matter how you present the feline to the receptacle, at least one claw always manages to reach out at the last second and cling desperately to the rim. Published November 29, 2011

HURT: Turkey taxpayers never get pardoned

Happy Thanksgiving, America! It's that special time of year when Americans pause to count our many blessings, ponder our faith and reflect upon the awesome sacrifices made by patriots before us to ensure our freedoms. And this year, we are once again reminded that there is no bigger chump in the world than the innocent taxpayer. Published November 22, 2011

HURT: Same movement, but different smell

It is high time the tea party comes to grips with reality that, indeed, their protests of recent years and the Occupy anything protests of late are, in fact, one in the same movement. Published November 15, 2011

HURT: So what is it, exactly, 'we can't wait' for?

We can't wait"? Seriously? This is the best argument President Obama can come up with for why he deserves a second term? Not exactly the jingle juggernaut from his last campaign. He has gone from the hopeful and promising "Yes, we can!" to the depressing and defeated "No, we can't!" Published November 1, 2011

HURT: Practice saying 'GOP nominee Romney'

As the once impossible begins to feel inevitable, conservatives find themselves grappling with the uncomfortable concept of falling in line behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Published September 27, 2011

HURT: Stalker's book on Palin fetid, yet feted

OK, so Sarah Palin dabbled in cocaine and slept with a black man, according to a new "book" by a creepy stalker. This, to the horror of the political media set. The same charges, of course, can be said of the current occupants of the White House. Published September 20, 2011

HURT: Re-election trumps phony green hype

First came the death panels, unchecked socialism and czarists run amok. Now President Obama has decided to kill as many as 12,000 Americans. In addition, he aims to give heart attacks to another 5,300, send 20,000 more to hospitals and emergency rooms and sicken another 2.5 million so they miss school or work. Published September 6, 2011

HURT: Tossing aside 'hope' and 'change'

The surest sign yet that President Obama will cashier his "hope" and "change" gimmicks from the last campaign in favor of a switchblade and brass knuckles for the next one was the stunning landmark decision he quietly made last week before hightailing it up to Martha's Vineyard for a trip to Luxuryville. Published August 23, 2011

President Obama arrives at the White House on Aug. 9, 2011, after making an unannounced trip to Dover Air Force Base, in Dover, Del., to pay tribute to the 30 U.S. troops killed over the weekend in Afghanistan. (Associated Press)

HURT: Fallen off Olympus, Obama stammers

The most shocking thing about President Obama's political implosion from bright supernova to deadened black hole has been the complete undoing of his ability to speak. Published August 9, 2011

President Obama addresses the nation from the White House on July 25, 2011, on the approaching debt limit deadline. (Associated Press)

HURT: Obama offers lectures but no answers

The whole problem with the teleprompter is it can't come up with a plan. It doesn't have any of its own ideas. Truth is, it doesn't come up with anything at all that you don't type into it. Published July 26, 2011