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Charles Hurt

Articles by Charles Hurt

HURT: Democrats addicted to spending our cash

Even as we learn the grave news that Congress will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare even sooner than previously predicted, Democratic leaders maintain their hot and oily rhetoric. Published May 17, 2011

HURT: Obama really not shy about spiking ball

If that glorious clap of gunfire and splintering open of Osama bin Laden's skull was the most thrilling moment yet of the Obama presidency, then the nadir came just hours later. Published May 10, 2011

HURT: This time, Obama made the brave choice

President Obama this week executed the finest feat of his presidency and he owes that success to the "Birthers" who dogged him so long to prove that he was born in America. Published May 3, 2011

HURT: Tea party not cause of budget stalemate

To hear Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tell it, this unprecedented budget crisis should all be blamed on the tea party's supposed iron grip on the Republican Party. Published March 29, 2011

President Obama makes a statement Friday on Libya in the East Room of the White House. (Associated Press)

HURT: Obama squanders America's legacy

Welcome to the post-America world. If the last one was the American Century, this century is the one in which an internationalist president abdicates our crown as leader of the free world and shuffles America randomly into the deck of nations. Published March 22, 2011