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Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein covers family and social issues as a national reporter for The Washington Times. She has been a reporter for three decades, working in New York City and Washington, D.C. Since joining The Washington Times in 1985, she has been a features writer, environmental and consumer affairs reporter, and assistant business editor.

Beginning in 1994, Mrs. Wetzstein worked exclusively on welfare and family issues such as child support enforcement, abstinence and sex education, child welfare, sexually transmitted diseases, marriage, divorce, cohabiting and gay marriage.

She has won several newspaper awards, including 1977 Cub Reporter of the Year and 1983 Heart of New York award, both from the New York Press Club.

Articles by Cheryl Wetzstein

Pro-choice activist spoiling for a fight

Pro-choice advocates have been "forced … into a corner" by legislative maneuvering and should fight to "regain momentum," a Guttmacher Institute official says in a rally-the-troops article. Published October 24, 2010

MTV's '16 and Pregnant' sobering for many teens, poll says

A poll found that out of more than 1,000 teens, six in 10 had seen the show. Of those teens, 82 percent thought the show helped teens understand the challenges of childbearing much better, while only 15 percent thought it glamorized having a baby in high school. Published October 12, 2010

Cheryl Wetzstein

WETZSTEIN: 'Lack' of sex ed is exaggerated

Today's observation is about the so-called lack of formal education about birth control for teens. If U.S. teens didn't know about birth control, they wouldn't use it, right? Well, according to another federal report, 28 percent of 10.4 million teen girls, ages 15 to 19, use a birth-control method. Published October 11, 2010

**FILE** Silk flowers and wedding-planning guides are among the items available at St. Anthony's Bridal in Bethesda, a one-stop lending shop for engaged couples. (The Washington Times)

College-educated now more likely to get married

A review of 60 years of census data finds that college-educated men and women are now more likely to be married by age 30 than their peers who didn't attend or finish college, "a reversal of long-standing marital patterns," the Pew Research Center's Social and Demographic Trends project said Thursday. Published October 7, 2010


HHS ramps up funding to fight teen pregnancy

The Obama administration announced last week a major step in its effort to marshal the forces of the federal government to prevent teen pregnancies — and gave sex-education programs their biggest funding boost in 14 years. Published October 1, 2010

**FILE** Kelly Clark, prosecuting attorney for a child molestation case, participates in the trial against the Boys Scouts that began on March 17, 2010, in Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland, Ore. (Associated Press)

Maelstrom erupts over pedophile laws

Oregon lawmakers carefully crafted two laws to prevent pedophiles from using sexually explicit materials to lure and "groom" their child victims. But a panel of three appeals court judges struck down the laws as "overbroad." What will the laws' defenders — Oregon's attorney general and 36 district attorneys — do next? Published September 26, 2010

More unmarrieds are living together amid tough times

The federal government doesn't know all the ways people are pinching pennies during the "Great Recession," but it thinks it has found at least one: More unmarried couples are living together. Published September 23, 2010

Cheryl Wetzstein

WETZSTEIN: A misguided prescription on abstinence

Parents are already crying out in vain against the hypersexualized messages spewing at their children day and night. But they expect their doctors to be on their side when it comes to promoting sexual sanity in their children — especially when most support abstinence for themselves, too. Published September 20, 2010

U.S. poverty rate hits 15-year high

Government figures released Thursday provided a new window on the deep pain inflicted by the recession, with the U.S. poverty rate rising to its highest level in 15 years in 2009 and a record 43.6 million Americans officially labeled poor. Published September 16, 2010

Census Bureau: Poverty rate highest in 16 years

American households held the line on income in 2009, bringing in $49,777, statistically the same as the previous year, the Census Bureau said Thursday, even as the national poverty rate rose to its highest level in 16 years and the actual number of Americans officially designated as poor was the largest since statistics were first compiled a half-century ago. Published September 16, 2010

School reforms, Rhee in limbo after D.C. vote

Michelle A. Rhee wasn't on the ballot in Tuesday's primary, but the hard-charging D.C. schools chancellor - and the cause of overhauling one of the nation's most troubled public school systems - took a major hit when the votes were counted. Published September 15, 2010

Teens report high exposure to sex education

More than 95 percent of U.S. teenagers report that they have had "formal instruction" in sex education in school or other venues outside the home, the federal government said in a survey released Tuesday, but only about two-thirds have been taught about birth-control methods. Published September 15, 2010

Cheryl Wetzstein

WETZSTEIN: Delusions and the 'people problem'

"Eco-terrorist" James Jay Lee's recent brief, bizarre takeover of the Discovery Channel building in suburban Maryland should not be forgotten too quickly. Published September 13, 2010

Pediatricians shift on abstinence programs

A new policy statement by the nation's major professional group for pediatricians has won praise for its indictment of America's hypersexualized media. Published September 7, 2010

**FILE** Silk flowers and wedding-planning guides are among the items available at St. Anthony's Bridal in Bethesda, a one-stop lending shop for engaged couples. (The Washington Times)

Hopeless romantics yearn for soul mates

Fully two-thirds of Americans believe in the concept of soul mates, where "two people are destined to be together," according to a recent Marist Poll. Published September 6, 2010

Cheryl Wetzstein

WETZSTEIN: What no brochure says to expect after breast cancer surgery

One of the pieces of advice I received during my leave from work for breast cancer surgery was to write about the things to expect that no one tells you about. My mother, who stayed with me for two weeks during my convalescence, had several observations, which I am happy to share. Published September 6, 2010