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Donald Lambro

Donald Lambro

Donald Lambro is the chief political correspondent for The Washington Times, the author of five books and a nationally syndicated columnist. His twice-weekly United Feature Syndicate column appears in newspapers across the country, including The Washington Times. He received the Warren Brookes Award For Excellence In Journalism in 1995 and in that same year was the host and co-writer of the nationally televised PBS documentary, "Inside The Republican Revolution," a behind-the-scenes report on the first 100 days of the 104th Congress. Before launching his syndicated newspaper column in 1980, Mr. Lambro was a reporter for United Press International, covering Congress, the federal bureaucracy and national politics. His investigative series on federal spending programs, “Watching Washington,” was twice nominated by UPI for a Pulitzer Prize. He was named the Heritage Foundation’s Distinguished Journalism Fellow in 1981 and has been a media fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University for the past seven years. He received the “Outstanding Journalist Award” from the Conservative Political Action Conference iin 1981 for his book, FAT CITY. And he was the recipient of the National Taxpayers Union award for “outstanding efforts to curtail government spending.” His investigative work as a Washington columnist was also nominated for a Pulitzer by United Feature Syndicate. Born and raised in Wellesley, Mass., and a graduate of Boston University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Mr. Lambro began his career as a reporter for the Boston Herald-Traveler, joining UPI in 1968 in Hartford, Conn., where he covered the state house. In addition to numerous television, radio and speaking appearances, he has also written for many magazines and other periodicals, including Reader’s Digest, Parade, The Wall Street Journal, the Washingtonian Magazine, National Review, Barron’s and The World Almanac.

Articles by Donald Lambro

Illustration: Obama victoryl by John Camejo for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: GOP stands victorious as smoke clears

The air was thick with bombastic predictions throughout the months-long battle over raising the debt ceiling. A deal appeared impossible, and pundits were predicting the divided Republicans and Tea Party insurgents who had ignited the budget-cutting revolution would be the political losers. Published August 2, 2011

Illustration: Partisan fight by John Camejo for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: White House word warfare

If Americans who tuned in to President Obama's televised address Monday night were hoping for a breakthrough in the budget crisis, they were sorely disappointed. Published July 26, 2011

Illustration: W.C. Obama

LAMBRO: High-stakes dealing on debt ceiling

The gulf between President Obama and a divided Congress grows ever wider as the debt limit crisis stumbles toward a potentially catastrophic deadline. Published July 14, 2011

President Obama talks about the ongoing budget negotiations during a press conference in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Monday, July 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

LAMBRO: Job growth decline sends Obama into orbit

There he goes again. More than six months after surrendering to Republican demands that this isn't the time to raise taxes on a weak, jobless economy, President Obama is peddling the same old snake oil medicine of higher taxes again. Published July 12, 2011

Illustration: Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Latest casualty of the Obama economy

The likelihood that Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner may resign from his post later this summer is the latest sign that President Obama's team of economic advisors is disintegrating as the economy grows weaker. Published July 5, 2011

Illustration: Obama's record by John Camejo for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: The president's political offensive

President Obama went on the political offensive Wednesday by reviving the old class-warfare enmity he hopes will excite the liberal base of his party while accusing Republicans of playing politics with our nation's economic future. Published July 1, 2011

Illustration: Debt tsunami by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Debt tsunami surges toward Washington

All the talk in Washington is about the slowing economy, the threat of another recession, the government's growing debts and the looming insolvency of Social Security and Medicare. Published June 21, 2011

Illustration: ATM

LAMBRO: Obama gets it backward

In a recent interview, President Obama seemed to suggest his policies would have created more jobs if businesses had stopped finding ways to be more productive with fewer workers. Published June 16, 2011

Illustration by Tim Brinton

LAMBRO: Feints to the right

The third year of Barack Obama's presidency is running into the same troubles he faced in his first two, thus undermining his prospects for a second term. Published May 31, 2011

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad

LAMBRO: Game time for Democrats

Senate Democrats were expected to bring up the House Republicans' 2012 budget plan for a vote this week, but not their own plan, which remains under lock and key. Published May 24, 2011

Illustration by Kevin Kreneck

LAMBRO: Obama's economic seesaw

The bump in President Obama's approval polls after Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden didn't last long. It was shot down by $4-a-gallon gas, a 9 percent unemployment rate and an economy that has slowed to barely 2 percent growth. Thursday's Gallup poll puts his job approval/disapproval score at 48 percent to 43 percent, down from midlevel scores in the 50s after U.S. special operation forces eliminated bin Laden. Published May 19, 2011

In this image released by the White House and digitally altered to obscure the material in front of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (right), she, President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden (left), along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House on Sunday.

LAMBRO: One kill does not a presidency make

The Obama administration's daring nighttime attack by commandos who killed Osama bin Laden and four of his aides has dealt al Qaeda terrorists a severe but far from fatal blow. Published May 3, 2011

Illustration by Tim Brinton

LAMBRO: The trouble with Trump

Donald Trump has been saying things about himself and others lately that are untrue, suggesting that he has a tendency to make up his own reality as he goes along. Published April 28, 2011

Illustration by M. Ryder

LAMBRO: GOP's Medicare plan is risky solo act

Reports coming in from congressional town hall meetings during the Easter recess say that Republican lawmakers were peppered with angry questions about cutting Medicare. Published April 26, 2011

Illustration: Obama's economy by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Obama failing to quell economic fears

America's fragile, high-unemployment, debt-ridden economy is looking shakier than ever, threatening Barack Obama's chances of a second term and boosting support for the GOP's drive to sharply cut government spending. Published April 19, 2011

Illustration: Choice cuts by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Daring GOP stab at reining in overspending

In the last three months, the biggest battle in Washington has been about carving a relatively tiny amount of money out of this year's $3.7 trillion budget. But while Republicans, Democrats and the White House bickered over whether to cut anywhere from $61 billion to $33 billion - or else shut down the government - a far bigger battle looms in the months ahead over the fiscal 2012 budget and trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. Published April 5, 2011

Illustration: Shuttered Congress

LAMBRO: Shutter diplomacy

Voters sent a loud, angry message to President Obama and Congress last November that government is too big, and spends too much. Cut it. Published April 1, 2011

Illustration: Gen. Obama by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Double vision over Libya

President Obama's address Monday in defense of his military intervention in Libya may go down in the history books as one of the most artful speeches ever given in the midst of retreat with both guns blazing. Published March 29, 2011

Illustration by William Brown

LAMBRO: More 'unexpected' bad news

While President Obama was touring the capitals of Latin America this week, Americans were being battered by one bad economic report after another. Published March 24, 2011

**FILE** House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, puts up a chart on Feb. 14 while delivering the GOP response to President Obama's budget submission for fiscal 2012 on Capitol Hill. The nation faces a possible government shutdown if Democrats and Republicans have not agreed by March 4 on an extension for funding the federal government. (Associated Press)

LAMBRO: No quiters in game of budgetary chicken

Getting a law passed in Congress is a very difficult thing to do because our Founding Fathers designed it that way, fearing that bad legislation would rob the people of their rights and freedoms. Published March 15, 2011