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Illustration by Kevin Kreneck

LAMBRO: Bent out of shape over Bush tax cuts

Ten years after President George W. Bush cut income-tax rates, his decision remains at the epicenter of debate about future economic policy. President Obama, who came charging into office vowing to repeal the Bush tax cuts, has been blocked at every turn by Republicans but also by some members of own party who thought it was insane to raise taxes in the midst of a recession when businesses were struggling and so many Americans were out of work. Published November 29, 2011

** FILE ** The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction meets on Capitol Hill last month. Supercommittee members (from left) are Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Jon Kyl, Sen. Max Baucus, Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. John F. Kerry and Sen. Patrick J. Toomey. (Associated Press)

LAMBRO: Self-destructing on mission impossible

The supercommittee was doomed from the start, a victim of pie-in-the-sky thinking that a small, secretive legislative cabal could fix the debt crisis. Published November 22, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare trouble by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Supreme Court's health care hand grenade

The Supreme Court will decide in the midst of the 2012 presidential election campaign if the government for the first time in U.S. history can force Americans under penalty of law to buy a product they may not want, need or be able to afford. Published November 15, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks Tuesday night as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney listens during a GOP debate at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. (Associated Press)

LAMBRO: Republican hopefuls struggle to pull away

The best thing Democrats have going for them in the 2012 election cycle is the deep division among Republicans over who should be their presidential nominee. Less than 60 days before the Iowa caucuses, the GOP is no closer to coalescing around a front-runner to take on President Obama than it was a year ago. A party that can't agree on who stands the best chance of winning back the White House looks weak, indecisive and rife with internal ideological divisions that can deplete its energy, turnout and fundraising. Published November 10, 2011

President Barack Obama looks on as former President Bill Clinton speaks in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Friday, Dec. 10, 2010. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

LAMBRO: Bill lectures Barack on growth

Bill Clinton's new book doesn't mince words about the dismal state of the Obama economy. The former president flatly declares, "We're in a mess now." Published November 8, 2011

Illustration: Obama economy

LAMBRO: Hopes dashed for economic turnaround

If President Obama ever expected the economy to improve significantly before the 2012 election, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke buried that hope last week. Published November 4, 2011

Illustration: Shadow over solar industry by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Shining spotlight on solar panel bankruptcy

The White House's half-billion-dollar loan to a now-bankrupt solar-energy firm is just the first act in an emerging scandal of insider political influence over a deeply flawed clean energy program. Published November 1, 2011

Illustration: Underwater mortgage by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Obama's housing horrors

President Obama flew to Las Vegas on Monday to talk with distressed homeowners and see Nevada's 13.4 percent unemployment first-hand. While he was there, he had lunch at the lavish Bellagio hotel and casino with 300 very rich people who gave him checks of $1,000 to $35,800 for his re-election campaign. Published October 25, 2011

Illustration by Mark Weber

LAMBRO: Supercommittee's insuperable timidity

In a budget nearing $4 trillion a year, it strains credulity to hear members of the deficit supercommittee say they're still no closer to finding $1.2 trillion in savings over the next decade. Published October 20, 2011

Illustration: Obama losing party support

LAMBRO: Obama losing party support

President Obama was back on his bus this week, promoting yet another jobs bill in the diminishing hope that it might help him hang on to his own. Just days after the Democrat-controlled Senate failed to muster enough support just to make his bill the pending business, he was venting in North Carolina, threatening Republicans and blaming Wall Street again for America's unending recession, for which he accepts no responsibility. Published October 18, 2011

Illustration: Cain's 9-9-9 plan by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Cain's '9-9-9' plan is a no-no

At a time when the American left is beating its war drums to raise taxes on "the rich," Herman Cain wants to slash their income-tax rates to 9 percent. Published October 13, 2011

A large group of protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement attempt to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, effectively shutting parts of it down, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011, in New York. Police arrested dozens while trying to clear the road and reopen for traffic. (AP Photo/Will Stevens)

LAMBRO: Dark delusions of Wall Street protesters

The angry, youth-driven, anti-capitalism protests begun in New York City a few weeks ago are the latest manifestation of President Obama's lengthening recession. Published October 4, 2011

Illustration by Paul Tong

LAMBRO: Obama spikes his base

A rattled tone of desperation has taken hold of President Obama's once-self-confident rhetoric as he struggles to rally his party's dispirited political base. Published September 27, 2011

White House press secretary Jay Carney says the GOP favors "reduced economic growth, reduced job creation" over wealthy jet owners. (Associated Press)

LAMBRO: Pied Piper of wealth redistribution

What if Barack Obama had begun his presidency by enacting a permanent tax-cut bill that further lowered income tax rates, cut the capital gains rate in half and reduced business taxes across the board? Published September 22, 2011

President Obama became the first candidate ever to opt completely out of public financing, and he largely is credited with putting the final nail in the taxpayer-funded presidential campaign option. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

LAMBRO: Obama digs up dead tax hikes

Once again, Barack Obama proposes to raise job-killing taxes on a weakening economy, one that has all but stopped growing under his 1930s-style policies. Published September 20, 2011

Illustration: White House woes

LAMBRO: Mounting White House woes

Barack Obama's troubled presidency was hit hard again this week on several fronts that shook the White House and raised fears in his party of deeper losses in Congress next year. Published September 15, 2011

Illustration by Kevin Kreneck

LAMBRO: Another White House whiff

President Obama's latest swing of the bat to get the economy growing again looked a lot like his previous attempts when he couldn't come through with a base hit. Published September 13, 2011

Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, left, Mitt Romney, second from left, Rick Perry, second from right, and Ron Paul stand together before a Republican presidential candidate debate at the Reagan Library Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, in Simi Valley, Calif.  (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

LAMBRO: Congressional polls give GOP inside track

I'm always amused by the national news-media polls showing that few Americans like the job Republicans are doing in Congress, as if this is somehow a precursor to the outcome of the 2012 House and Senate elections. Published September 9, 2011

Illustration: Mr. Corpie by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Taxing time for business

When a heckler at the Iowa State Fair told Mitt Romney that raising taxes on corporations was one way to solve America's fiscal and economic problems, the former governor shot back: "Corporations are people, my friend." Published August 25, 2011

Illustration: Obamacare by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

LAMBRO: Obamacare already dying

The federal appeals court ruling that struck down the centerpiece of Obamacare has dealt a massive, possibly fatal blow to the government-imposed health care system passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress over bitter public opposition. Published August 23, 2011