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Jacqueline Klimas

Jacqueline Klimas

Jacqueline Klimas covers Capitol Hill for The Washington Times. She can be reached at

Articles by Jacqueline Klimas

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James speaks to the Associated Press during an interview at the Pentagon on July 11, 2014. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Sequestration cuts put American lives in danger, military chiefs say

Military service chiefs warned Tuesday that American lives will be at greater risk if lawmakers refuse to lift the sequestration cuts set to take full effect in fiscal 2016, reiterating concerns that top defense lawmakers say they already take seriously. Published March 17, 2015

VA refusing to comply with Congress on transparency, reforms, lawmakers say

Lawmakers slammed the Veterans Affairs Department on Monday night for refusing to comply with Congressional requests, saying that the department needs to be more open to committee oversight if it ever hopes to regain trust among members and veterans after last year's wait-list scandal. Published March 16, 2015

Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington, in this June 11, 2014, file photo. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Mac Thornberry: Members have 'moved past' Obama's AUMF

The head of the House Armed Services Committee said Monday that many in Congress have already given up on the president's proposal to fight the Islamic State and are ready to start from scratch on their own war authorization. Published March 16, 2015

President Obama met with Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Friday at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

VA makes little progress in a year; Congress schedules prime-time hearing

The troubled VA is still struggling to find its footing and even get a grip on the problems, a congressional committee will hear Monday in a prime-time hearing as lawmakers take stock of the department nearly a year after whistleblowers exposed bureaucratic bungling and veterans dying while waiting for care. Published March 15, 2015

The Phoenix VA Health Care Center in Phoenix is seen here on April 28, 2014. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Obama to visit Phoenix VA this week

President Obama will visit the scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix on Friday after drawing criticism earlier this year for bypassing the facility on a previous trip. Published March 10, 2015

Ukraine servicemen walk at a front-line position east of Mariupol, Tuesday. President Obama has not ruled out providing defensive weapons, but administration officials offered no clue on when Mr. Obama might make a final decision. (Associated Press)

Lawmakers slam Obama on delay in arming Ukraine

Lawmakers from both parties on Tuesday slammed President Obama's continuing refusal to approve lethal arms for Ukraine, saying Tuesday that U.S. credibility is falling as Russian-backed rebels gain ground in their fight against the former Soviet republic's government. Published March 10, 2015

Rep. Michael T. McCaul, Texas Republican, said President Obama's plans to empty the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, puts U.S. national security at risk. (Associated Press)

Report: Many released from Gitmo will resume fight against U.S.

Some of the suspected terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay will rejoin the fight against the U.S. no matter what conditions the government tries to impose on them, the intelligence community concluded in a report last week that gives Republicans more ammunition to stop President Obama's push to close the U.S. military detention center in Cuba. Published March 8, 2015

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire Republican, said it was "outrageous" that Veterans Affairs staff who had manipulated patient wait-time data were awarded bonuses, and that the bonuses should be returned. (Associated Press)

Lawmakers work to end VA disability backlog, increase accountability

Congress says more still needs to be done to reform the Veterans Affairs Department nearly a year after the waiting list scandal was exposed, and despite a bill last summer designed to correct the bureaucratic flaws that led to veterans getting poor care. Published March 5, 2015

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said the government may need to consult private companies in order to reduce cybersecurity threats to the U.S. (Associated Press)

Ashton Carter: DOD must work harder on cybersecurity

Officials at the famously insular Department of Defense said Wednesday they often find it "awkward" to work with other parts of the government, but realize they'll have to try harder if they're going to tackle cross-agency issues such as cybersecurity. Published March 4, 2015