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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Breitbart a conservative rebel with a cause

He is hybrid journalist, content wrangler, glib analyst. But most of all, Andrew Breitbart relishes running against the grain. For starters, he is an unabashed political conservative in a Hollywood dominated by liberals. Published September 20, 2009

Senate hopeful heckled for fund-raiser on 9/11

William J. Kelly — a producer with FOX affiliate WFLD and an on-camera host on Comcast — is not beyond lunging at political candidates. His latest target is Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, now a Democratic hopeful for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Sen. Roland Burris. Published September 15, 2009

Journalist 'shield' law gains steam in Senate

A long-debated federal "shield" law to protect journalists who refuse to reveal their confidential sources is poised to move a little closer to passage Thursday. Published September 10, 2009

Pulitzer winner to lead TWT photo staff

The Washington Times has named three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Janet Reeves as its new Assistant Managing Editor for Photography. Published September 2, 2009

Study: Candle-lit dinners add to pollution

Holy smokes. Grab the fire hose. Somebody notify Al Gore and maybe Ralph Nader. Candle-lit dinners -- with the flickering flames, those delicate glows -- are an unrecognized source of indoor air pollution. Really. Published August 19, 2009

Times debuts sports voice on ESPN radio

The Washington Times is expanding its reach on radio - this time with sports. "Sports Fix", a two-hour sports talk program featuring Times columnist Thom Loverro and sports radio personality Kevin Sheehan, debuts Monday at noon on ESPN 980 AM. Published July 24, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Vacation nation

Wars and tumult start when all the big shots go off on vacation, some say. Think about it. The halls of power are deserted while world leaders are off enjoying a chocolate-dipped twirly cone at some quaint country eatery. And somewhere a skirmish is brewing. Published July 19, 2009

New NASA photo shows old conquest

The Eagle landed on the moon 40 years ago with much ado. Part of it is still there - and NASA has the pictures to prove it. Published July 18, 2009

NASA to restore moon landing footage

NASA admitted Thursday that it erased the original recordings of the first men landing on the moon as a cost-cutting measure back in an era when live TV was the media mode of choice. Published July 17, 2009

Fetuses found to have memories

They weigh less than 3 pounds, usually, and are perhaps 15 inches long. But they can remember. Published July 16, 2009

Public tires but Jackson news continues

Michael Jackson fatigue has set in among Americans inundated with titillating media coverage of the pop star's celebrated life and unexpected death almost three weeks ago. Published July 15, 2009

Minority broadcasters ask Geithner to bail them out

Minority broadcasters asked for the same kind of federal bailout afforded the auto and financial industries in a July 12 letter from 14 top executives in the group to Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner. Published July 14, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Fore score

Amazingly enough, CNS News recently revealed that President Obama has gone out and played a round of golf 11 times since taking office. Nice. Published July 12, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Palin pile-on

Bashing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is sport for many journalists, particularly those who are perhaps bored by the summer doldrums. Published July 5, 2009

Marketing ploy backfires on Post

A marketing scheme backfired on The Washington Post on Thursday, forcing the newspaper into uncharacteristic mea culpa mode. Published July 3, 2009

Washington Post cancels 'salons'

So much for The Washington Post's plans to host a series of fancy "salons" for political insiders, business leaders, lawmakers and reporters. Published July 2, 2009