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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Red is the hue of choice for the mating game

A pair of researchers say they have scientific proof that the color red — "female red" they call it — is the real key to the attraction between men and women, and could ultimately affect our standards of beauty. Published October 29, 2008

Effect of red on men studied

The way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, suggestive undergarments or a hefty dowry. It's the color red. Published October 29, 2008

Inside Politics: Race and the race

It will take a few decades before the myriad historical implications of the 2008 election are shaken out and sorted. For now, let's glean our perspective in bits, like this rumination from talk radio host Neal Boortz, addressing a pivotal question: Simply put, will black voters go with their race, or their politics? Published October 26, 2008

Anti-GOP partiality continues in the media

Republican hopefuls for the White House just can't get a break from the press - and it's been that way for the past four election cycles. Published October 25, 2008

The press 'pulling' for Obama

Republican hopefuls for the White House just can't get a break from the press — and it's been that way for the past four election cycles. Published October 24, 2008

Obama's 'firsts' may make history, and victory

ANALYSIS -- Ideology, politics and character alone won't determine the outcome of the presidential election. Voters also have a heady sense of historic occasion, a phenomenon that favors Sen. Barack Obama. Published October 24, 2008

Americans still hold out for the proverbial dream

More than three-fourths of Americans "personally believe" in the American dream and insist it's what makes the nation dynamic, according to a survey released Wednesday. Published October 22, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend: 'W' doldrums

'Maintaining national morale in troubling times was once a fairly simple affair. At the height of the Depression and during World War II, Americans could count on Hollywood to produce uplifting fare and straightforward messages of reassurance and optimism — delivered by major stars of the day and often punctuated by splendid dance numbers. Published October 19, 2008

Presidential debate TV ratings adequate

Only Joe the Plumber garnered some visceral reactions from the nation, perhaps. The third and final presidential debate between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama Wednesday night did not draw a landmark viewing audience. Published October 17, 2008

America not ready to leave the world stage, study shows

They've read polls claiming the U.S. image has dwindled overseas. They fret over finances, terrorist threats, military entanglements, immigration, job outsourcing, trade wars, diplomatic spats. Indeed, many Americans pine for a more isolationist nation. Published October 3, 2008

9/11 rescue crew battles memories

They retrieved body parts, wallets, personal papers. They picked their way through seared steel, toxic dust and filthy debris, sometimes fearing for their own safety and often under chaotic conditions. Their devotion had a price. Published October 2, 2008

'Bailout' by another name sounds sweeter

Washington struggled Tuesday for a solution for the Wall Street mess but settled on what to blame for the failure of a $700 billion package - the word "bailout." Published October 1, 2008

Talk radio voices bailout anguish

The Wall Street crisis has raised the volume on talk radio as listeners from the heartland to Manhattan weigh in, suspicious and clearly vexed. Published September 30, 2008