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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Ben Carson is among seven presidential hopefuls at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado.

GOP presidential hopefuls in Colorado for conservative summit - and a marijuana policy grade

Here's another one of those bodacious weekend events, and this begins Friday: The two-day Western Conservative Summit, staged at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver by Colorado Christian University. "There's a rebirth going on in America. Be part of it. After decades of slipping to the left, citizen patriots have re-engaged in the public arena, and our political discourse has been enriched by their voices," the organizers advise the 4,000 incoming delegates. A marijuana policy group also has plans. Published June 25, 2015

This image released by Netflix shows Kevin Spacey as U.S. Congressman Frank Underwood in a scene from the Netflix original series, "House of Cards." Spacey was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama series for his role in the series on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013.  The 71st annual Golden Globes will air on Sunday, Jan. 12.  (AP Photo/Netflix, Melinda Sue Gordon)

Kevin Spacey, Megyn Kelly join forces to produce The Resident - a new 'Beltway drama'

Kevin Spacey, Megyn Kelly. Could this pair have something in common? Yes, indeed. Mr. Spacey, the star and left-leaning producer of the Netflix blockbuster series "House of Cards" has joined forces with Ms. Kelly the Fox News anchor, and here's what they're up to. Mr. Spacey's Trigger Street production company has forged a deal with 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios to produce "The Resident," deemed "a doozy" by The Hollywood Reporter, an industry source. Published June 24, 2015

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has declared his intent to run for the White House. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)

Bobby Jindal in for the long march: GOP presidential hopeful No. 13 promises honesty and energy

He's in whether his critics like it or not. "We have had enough of talkers, it's time for doers. I'm not running for president to be somebody, I'm running for president to do something," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told his fans upon announcing he was running for president on Wednesday. The news drew sharply contrasting reactions; Mr. Jindal is not doing well in the polls, registering as low as 1 percent on a new CNN poll. Published June 24, 2015

In this Monday, June 16, 2014 file photo, demonstrators chant pro-Islamic State group slogans as they wave the group's flags in front of the provincial government headquarters in Mosul, 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo/File)

Terror threats against U.S. homeland reach 'unprecedented levels' says House report

Here's one way to stay vigilant: House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul has just launched the "Terror Threat Snapshot" - a regular monthly feature that tracks the "escalating and grave threat environment" facing the U.S. The lawmaker is specific. The inaugural snapshot reveals that there have been 24 ISIS-linked plots or attacks against Western targets in the first half of 2015, up from 19 in all of last year. Published June 23, 2015

Megyn Kelly on the cover of Variety. (Image courtesy of (Fox News)

Foxified: Megyn Kelly now predicted to become the next Barbara Walters

She's not just an anchor anymore. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes himself has given Megyn Kelly a new series of broadcast specials to augment her top-rated primetime hour on the network , prompting Variety - a leading industry source - to compare her to longtime interview maven Barbara Walters. Published June 22, 2015

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush with Jeb Bush. One analyst said that link may be one of the reasons that two-thirds of Republicans describe Jeb Bush as qualified for the presidency.
(Associated Press)

Americans find Jeb Bush likable -- but still a 'Bush' and possibly a RINO

He's like the friend of a friend. Voters know Jeb Bush; he seems familiar, though public impressions of the Republican presidential hopeful are still mixed. One-thousand Americans were asked to describe Mr. Bush in a single word of their own choosing -- and here are the top-10, verbatim, based on how many times they were cited: Bush, family, likable, liberal, conservative, moderate, RINO, good, honest and OK -- this according to an Economist/YouGov survey. Published June 21, 2015

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has a new mission: He hopes to ensure Hillary Clinton will not win the 2016 election. (Associated Press)

John Bolton takes on Hillary Clinton: 'I plan to hold her accountable for her own failures'

The Republican National Committee puts it this way: "The Clinton machine rumbles on." Indeed, Hillary Rodham Clinton's quest for the White House is akin to an all-terrain vehicle on the campaign trail -- rolling over bumps, skirting ditches, and even airborne at times. Despite the rough ride, it relentlessly covers the territory, on course for the prime destination. Yes, well. Mrs. Clinton's critics, meanwhile, are weary of it, and thinking tactics. Published June 18, 2015

Sen. Lindsey Graham has released his autobiography as a free download.

'Everyone has a story' -- Lindsey Graham writes autobiography, gives it away as free download

Available for free: "My Story" by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a 126-page autobiography released online by his presidential campaign. The e-book reveals that the GOP hopeful had a challenging, modest childhood, served his country, flew a C-130, won his public offices. "Everyone has a story. Not everyone has to tell it, of course, and most people have the good sense not to," he writes. Published June 17, 2015

The climate, the pope, the skeptics

The world is now privy to the Vatican view on global warming, thanks to overeager journalists who reported details from an encyclical by Pope Francis on earthly environmental matters, before its official Thursday release. A tacky practice. The contents, though, are already drawing commentary. Published June 17, 2015

Singer Pat Boone, a longtime supporter of traditional American values, will address the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday. (PAT BOONE)

Pat Boone -- conservative stalwart, cultural icon -- to have his say at the Heritage Foundation

Among the hundreds of policy events in the nation's capital on Wednesday, one in particular stands out. Authentic cultural icon, family man, ace performer, man of faith and conservative stalwart Pat Boone is in town to have his say about the state of the nation, and his own 60-year career in entertainment. He'll appear at high noon at the Heritage Foundation, just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Published June 16, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Trump rumples the Republicans, tantalizes the press

Before departing for the Iowa heartland, new and improved GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump left behind one message for his enthusiastic fans and determined critics: "Let's make American great again." He also advised that his personal skills as negotiator, self-made entrepreneur, family man and unapologetic rich guy would come in handy on the global stage. Published June 16, 2015

Marines of the 1st Force Service Supply Group Forward respond to reports of an Iraqi force preparing to advance on them from the south during a sandstorm in southern Iraq on March 25, 2003. President Bush's legacy depends on a positive outcome in Iraq. (J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times)

Gallup poll: Americans now less likely to think the war in Iraq was a 'mistake'

Americans have lived with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for 12 years, essentially, and their perceptions of the conflicts are shifting. "Amid a security situation in Iraq and Afghanistan that continues to be contentious, a smaller share of Americans now than last year view the conflict in Afghanistan or the Iraq war as a mistake," says a new Gallup poll analysis. Published June 15, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to supporters during a rally, Sunday, June 14, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. Seeking an army of volunteers, Clinton is trying to build an organizational edge in Iowa as some of her lesser-known Democratic rivals clamor for attention in the state that tripped up her first presidential campaign. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

And so it begins: Political reporter barred from Hillary Clinton campaign event

In an age where official transparency is valued by both press and the public, The Daily Mail reports that David Martosko, the U.S. political for the British news organization, was denied access to a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Monday morning - despite the fact he had been designated as the "pool reporter" for the day. Published June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush adds an exclamation point to punctuate his bid for presidency - and his identity

His face is leaner, his focus intense. John Ellis Bush -- now known as Jeb! in his campaign outreach -- makes his bid for president Monday afternoon on his home turf in Florida. There's a new campaign logo, a straightforward video and public vows that while he is a Bush through and through, his emerging policies are sound, his political acumen authentic. Published June 14, 2015