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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, face off with protesters after a rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago was cancelled due to security concerns Friday, March 11, 2016, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

81 percent of wary Americans now swear off political discussions over 2016 election 'at all costs'

There used to be a bumper sticker out there that said, "Don't tell Obama what comes after a trillion." That annoying adage still applies. CNS News editor Terence P. Jeffrey reveals that the federal debt has risen by over $1 trillion since then-House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cut a budget deal with President Obama that suspended the legal limit on the federal debt until March 15, 2017. Published May 5, 2016

Al Gore is among the "global luminaries" assembling in the nation's capital on Thursday for a massive climate change summit. (Associated Press)

Bill Nye, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg and friends: Climate alarmist superstars descend on D.C.

Step aside now. Bill Nye, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg and Ban Ki Moon are all in the same place on Thursday, and they are in full activist mode. Yes, the "Science Guy," a former vice president and New York City mayor, plus the secretary-general of the United Nations will gather Thursday at a historic hotel six blocks from the White House for much anxious ado about global warming. Published May 4, 2016

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown endorsed presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for president in February. (AP Photo)

Scott Brown made the list: The press obsesses over Trump's potential vice presidents

The equations multiply. Like clockwork, new organizations are speculating nonstop about Donald Trump's potential pick for his vice-presidential running mate. Dozens of lists and even a few polls have appeared in the last week, parsing out possible second-in-command choices for the Republican front-runner. Published May 3, 2016

Police officers form a line in front of protesters outside an event in California featuring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (associated press)

Is national media ready for 'a mob of conservatives'?

"Why aren't we having a national conversation about leftist violence?" asks David Harsanyi, a senior editor for, following recent unruly protests against Donald Trump in California. Published May 2, 2016

Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told Inside the Beltway that he has no interest in running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, but may one day return to a career in public service. (Associated Press)

A conversation with Bobby Jindal, who does not yet dismiss a role in 'public service'

Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he has no interest in running for U.S. senator, but the door is apparently still open. "I'm not saying I'll never go back to public service. I did serve in Congress. But I prefer the executive branch. I prefer running things," the former presidential hopeful tells Inside the Beltway. Published May 1, 2016

In this April 28, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Evansville, Ind. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)

American voters now agree with Donald Trump: He's the 'presumptive nominee' for GOP: poll

When Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump declared he was the "presumptive nominee" this week, much news coverage challenged him on it. A new survey reveals that GOP voters appear to agree with Mr. Trump: 89 percent now agree that the candidate will win the nomination, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday. Published April 30, 2016

A new campaign poster for the Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina ticket, unveiled at a rally in Indianapolis on Wednesday. (Associated press)

Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and the 'conservative-outsider unity ticket'

There's already a handy name for the newly minted Cruz/Fiorina 2016 campaign combo. Just call it the "conservative-outsider unity ticket," suggests Mark Meckler, who co-founded the Tea Party Patriots in 2009 and continues his role as a grass-roots activist. Published April 27, 2016

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp advises concerned voters to check out the conservative ratings of Congress as determined by their actual voting records. (American Conservative Union) ** FILE **

American Conservative Union: Ted Cruz earns '100 percent' conservative rating

For the 45th year in a row, the American Conservative Union has ranked the voting records of every single member of Congress according to their support of ideals found in the Constitution: limited and transparent government, individual rights, personal responsibility. Applause, please, for this gargantuan effort, a helpful undertaking in a tumultuous presidential year. Published April 26, 2016

Donald Trump meets his fans at a recent event in Berlin, Maryland. (Associated Press)

A majority of his fans would still vote for Donald Trump if he ran as a third-party candidate

Nervous GOP insiders now counsel Republicans to vote Republican or else -- no matter what happens, and no matter who the nominee is. Just look for the big "R" in the poll booth and touch the screen, pull the lever or mark the ballot the insiders counsel, followed by a stern speech about what would happen to America if Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernard Sanders became president. Published April 25, 2016