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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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An American classroom in early fall. (AP Photo/The Alpena News, Paige Trisko)

Crisis in the schools: GOP hopefuls told to set rhetoric aside during upcoming education summit

It could be the first serious dialogue they have on the U.S. school crisis. A half dozen Republican presidential hopefuls bustle into Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday for the 2015 Education Summit, and organizers hope they leave their standard talking points in the campaign bus and have an "urgent conversation" about the failing state of American schools. Published August 18, 2015

GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee is off to Israel this week, the Iran deal on his mind. (Campaign image from Mike Huckabee)

On the move: Mike Huckabee is off to Israel, the Iran deal on his mind

Voters have not forgotten Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and plainspoken pastor who is building up some formidable campaign apparatuses in Iowa and South Carolina, among other states. The Huckabee motto: "From hope to higher ground." The candidate will be off the U.S. political grid for a spell starting on Tuesday, however; he is bound for Israel. Published August 17, 2015

NASCAR America is changing, according to one veteran pollster. (Image form the Associated Press)

NASCAR America undergoing a 'dramatic transformation' says veteran pollster

Veteran pollster John Zogby says he began to track the voting power of "blue-collar Americans" when the sizable demographic embraced conservatism, Second Amendment rights and traditional values -- and voted for George W. Bush. Now Mr. Zogby says a "dramatic transformation" is underway in NASCAR America. Published August 16, 2015

Armstrong Williams, moderator and host of The Right Side Forum

The Right Side Forum with Armstrong WIlliams focuses on young adults who confront a dangerous world

The Right Side Forum, an hour-long conservative live news and talk show hosted by columnist Armstrong Williams, offers a close look at a distinct reality for a growing number of young people. The rate of violent crime is rising across the nation. Unfortunately, many young adults feel as if they have been affected - and disproportionately victimized - by this trend for years, Armstrong points out. Published August 14, 2015

Calif., Gov. Jerry Brown  (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Adios: Gov. Jerry Brown purges the word 'alien' from California state lexicon

There's a language change in the Golden State: California Gov. Jerry Brown approved legislation this week that bans the word "alien" from California's entire labor code, a move that "recognizes and respects the diversity and contributions of all Californians," according to Mr. Brown's office. Published August 14, 2015

The possibility of a Donald Trump/Ben Carson presidential ticket for 2016 has surfaced in the news media. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Trump/Carson 2016: It could happen

"While the punditocracy bloviates endlessly about the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, branding this the year of the outsider, the ultimate outsider is quietly sneaking up along the outside, Ben Carson," observes PJ Media founder Roger L. Simon. Published August 13, 2015

Rick Perry gets into it with the grassroots audience at the Iowa State Fair "soapbox" in 2014. (AP Photo)

16 presidential hopefuls head for the challenge: The Iowa State Fair soap box, hecklers included

It is a candidate's challenge: The Iowa State Fair is open for business in Des Moines on Thursday, and with it comes the "Candidate Soapbox," set smack in the middle of the main concourse. Over the next nine days, 16 presidential candidates will have 20 minutes on a small stage to have their say before God, country, cows, locals and journalists who hope some hapless hopeful will have a fried-food malfunction for the cameras. Published August 13, 2015

Two Perseid meteors, center and lower left, streak across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower during 2014. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)

Perseid meteor shower puts on a major show tonight -- 'best in years'

Yeah, why not pay attention to some flashy meteors while the White House hopefuls duke it out? NASA and assorted "Perseid pundits" report that thanks to a new moon, this week's Perseid meteor shower is expected to be one of the best in years. NASA Television will be there, offering a live broadcast, hosted by some true meteor hotshots from the Meteoroid Environment Office, the American Meteor Society and other learned spots. The four-hour broadcast begins at 10 p.m. EDT on Wednesday Published August 12, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina waves to the crowd after speaking at the RedState Gathering, Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Carly Fiorina now on the A-List says Rasmussen Reports poll: 'Carly's up, Trump is down'

"The post-debate picture has a new contender in the top 10 of Republican presidential contenders, while the leader of the pack has taken a fall," says a new Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday. It reveals finds that Carly Fiorina - "stuck in the bottom tier of debaters last Thursday" - now garners support from 9 percent of support among Likely Republican primary voters, which puts her on par with Sen. Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Gov. Scott Walker. Published August 12, 2015

Trump takes on all three Bushes -- and heads to Michigan for a major speech

Where's presidential hopeful Donald Trump in the chaotic postdebate world? Why, giving a major speech, of course. After appearing on both Fox News and CNN on Tuesday, Mr. Trump is bound for the Michigan heartland and the Saginaw Republican Party Lincoln Day gathering for 2,000. Published August 10, 2015

Office workers in a typical setting. (AP Photo/Alex Cossio, File)

73 percent of U.S. employers oppose issuing more H-1B visas for foreign workers

Should the federal government raise the cap on H-1B visas and allow more foreign workers to be temporarily employed in the U.S.? Almost three fourths of employers disagree with the idea for multiple reasons says a new poll of human resources managers. Over a quarter say yes, however Published August 10, 2015

Talk radio host Michael Savage is among those pondering the Republican debate and all its implications. (AP Photo)

Conspiracy theories and outrage: Trump-mania continues

"Hey, Donald -- Have you attacked Hillary yet? Or are you a shill for the Clintons?" asked Instapundit columnist Glenn Reynolds in a tweet Sunday afternoon after Donald Trump declared in his own Twitter missive that a 10-minute speech by Carly Fiorina could give him a "massive headache." Published August 9, 2015

Image courtesy of Fox News.

Rowdy Republican debate draws record-breaking 24 million viewers to Fox News -- and melodrama

Was the first GOP debate about the candidates, or about Fox News, which presented the event on Thursday night? It could be about the network. The two-hour political program pulled in 24 million viewers according to initial Nielsen ratings numbers -- breaking the all-time record for a non-sports cable event. In the 48 hours since then, the debate took on a life of its own following remarks by Donald Trump on a rival network. Published August 7, 2015