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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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An activist group formed by students who supported Ron Paul for president in 2012 now plans to push back against politically correct college campuses. (Associated Press)

Ron Paul disciples take on campus intolerance in the name of free speech

The legions of young fans who supported former Texas representative Ron Paul's quest for the White House in 2012 have reorganized into a 257,000-member activist group called Young Americans for Liberty. They are still ready to rumble, this time to push back against political correctness on the nation's campuses. Published April 12, 2016

The Fox Business Network stages a second forum for third-party candidates on Friday, moderated by prime-time host John Stossel. (Fox Business Network)

A second Libertarian presidential forum ramps up third party ambitions

Polls and press coverage reveal that Americans have a real hankering for a third party as the presidential election season drags on. The Libertarian Party is happy to fill the bill; the national organization has revamped its website and voter outreach and will stage a splashy convention next month in Florida. Published April 7, 2016

Donald Trump, seen with wife Melania during a campaign stop in Iowa. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Trump due for bodacious New York comeback

Presidential political theater continues with gusto. Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernard Sanders are grappling for good press as they approach a significant debate which airs live from Brooklyn on CNN next week, just days before the New York primary. Published April 6, 2016

Republican front-runner Donald Trump stands with law enforcement officers during a campaign stop in West Allis, Wisconsin on Monday. (Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.)

The power of Trump's streamlined campaign

Presidential rivals have telling numbers beyond polls. Consider that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's campaign spent $51 million on TV and radio ads last month, while her GOP counterpart Donald Trump spent nothing according to Ad Age. Published April 4, 2016