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Joseph Szadkowski

Joseph Szadkowski

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in communications, Joseph Szadkowski has written about popular culture for The Washington Times for the past 25 years. He covers video games, comic books, new media and technology. 


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Articles by Joseph Szadkowski

Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman (right) star in the "Robocop" reboot, now available in Blu-ray. (Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)

Zadzooks: RoboCop review (Blu-ray)

Director Jose Padilha's reboot of a famed cyborg cop's origin looks great in high definition and has it moments but never lives up to Paul Verhoeven's original movie. Published June 12, 2014

Detective Ronan O'Connor explores Salem, Massachusetts to stop a serial killer and solve his own murder in the video game Murdered: Sould Suspect.

Zadzooks: Murdered: Soul Suspect review

A homicide detective attempts to solve his own murder in a third person adventure built for gamers looking for a noirish. supernatural thriller. Published June 7, 2014

A Colorado company lost its latest fight against Disney over the rights to Marvel's iconic comic book characters Tuesday when a federal appeals court ruled it could not claim ownership to certain superheroes such as Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Zadzooks: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review (PS4)

Marvel Comics' web-slinging wonder is back on the big screens and a third person video game adventure helps shed light on his roots and latest cinematic exploits. Published May 13, 2014

Help Rothko avoid enemies and complete missions in the iPad maze game Third Eye Crime.

Zadzooks: Third Eye Crime review (iPad)

A pilfering telepath falls for a dame while looking for one more, big score in a stylish mobile puzzler perfect for the iPad owner. Published April 29, 2014

Lego The Hobbit adapts scenes from Peter Jackson's latest Middle-earth films into a Lego-ized, video game.

Zadzooks: Lego The Hobbit review

Thorin Oakenshield and his pint-sized-pals reclaim their kingdom one brick at a time in this extremely entertaining, Middle-earth adventure for the entire family. Published April 14, 2014

Diamond Select Toys' Series 54 of Minimates includes Robot Red Skull, Winter Soldier, The Falcon and Fighting Chance Captain America. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski / The Washington Times)

Zadzooks: Winter Soldier and Falcon Minimates review

Diamond Select Toy’s miniaturizes the Captain America universe with its latest selection of articulated, ultra-configurable and collectible Minimates including Baron Strucker, Fighting Chance Captain America, Robot Red Skull, Viper, Winter Soldier and the Falcon. Published April 3, 2014

Delsin Rowe dive bombs his enemies in the cideo game Infamous: Second Son.

Zadzooks: Infamous: Second Son review

Gamers choose to transform a street artist into an epic superhero or supervillain in an eye-popping adventure built for the PlayStation 4. Published March 26, 2014

A cursed knight attempts to survive in the video game Dark Souls II.

Zadzooks: Dark Souls II review

Masochistic players enter a fantasy universe full of diabolical dungeons, undead warriors and death in a finger-cramping, controller-busting terror of a video game. Published March 16, 2014

Zadzooks: Thief review (PlayStation 4)

A legendary burglar searches for a missing protege while pilfering a city on the verge of chaos in the return of a stealthy game franchise that delivers less than stellar results. Published March 12, 2014