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Joseph Szadkowski

Joseph Szadkowski

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in communications, Joseph Szadkowski has written about popular culture for The Washington Times for the past 17 years. He covers video games, comic books, new media and technology. 


Articles by Joseph Szadkowski

Zadzooks: Air Mail review (iPad)

A gorgeous arcade flight simulation arrives for Apple's motion-sensing tablet to give young gamers a great way to show off their aerobatic skills. Published May 31, 2012

Shoot first and keep shooting in the video game Max Payne 3.

Zadzooks: Max Payne 3 review (Xbox 360)

The resurrection of a beaten down ex-New York police detective comes to disturbingly realistic life in a new third-person cinematic shooter not for the squeamish. Published May 26, 2012

Hired gunslinger Emmett Graves is ready to fight the Outcast in the video game Starhawk.

Zadzooks: Starhawk review (PS3)

A futuristic upgrade of a title original to Sony's PS3 arrives to deliver a third-person multiplayer shooter mixing elements of tower defense with vehicular combat in the air and on the ground. Published May 25, 2012

Uses a finger to fire a missile in one of the mini-challenges found in the video game Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita.

Zadzooks: Mortal Kombat (PS Vita) review

A powerful port of last year's reboot of a side-scrolling fighting game franchise gives PlayStation Vita owners a mobile way to satisfy their appetite for violent combat. Published May 11, 2012

James Heller mutates his arms into blades and claws in the video game Prototype 2: Radnet Edition.

Zadzooks: Prototype 2: Radnet Edition review

This sequel to the 2009 video game stars James Heller as a nearly unstoppable, profanity-spewing killing machine fighting in a virus-infected, war zone called New York City. Published May 4, 2012

Zadzooks: Fibble: Flick n' Roll HD review (iPad)

A bulbous extraterrestrial crash-lands on Earth and gets Apple's tablet owners involved in a fantastic physics-based puzzle challenge perfect for the casual gamer. Published April 11, 2012

Zadzooks: Kinect Star Wars review (Xbox 360)

Fans of the Skywalker saga in need of fully immersing themselves in the combative ways of the Jedi have a new way to interact within the Star Wars universe. Published April 4, 2012

A cute but lethal extraterrestrial named Zero stars in the PlayStation 3 video game Warp.

Zadzooks: Warp review (PS3)

A puzzle action game for the PlayStation 3 demands a player help a teleporting extraterrestrial escape from a research facility. Published March 30, 2012

Zadzooks: Journey review (PS3)

From the developers who asked gamers to take time to smell the Flower is another artistic masterpiece tied to the mysteries of an ancient civilization. Published March 27, 2012

A frog is on a mission of stone sphere destruction in the iPad game Zuma's Revenge! HD.

Zadzooks: Zuma's Revenge! HD review (iPad)

An orb-spiting amphibian relic challenges a collection of evil Tiki chieftains in the return of an addictive puzzler built for Apple's mobile gaming solution. Published March 17, 2012