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Ralph Z. Hallow

Ralph Z. Hallow

Chief political writer Ralph Z. Hallow served on the Chicago Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Washington Times editorial boards, was Ford Foundation Fellow in Urban Journalism at Northwestern University, resident at Columbia University Editorial-Page Editors Seminar and has filed from Berlin, Bonn, London, Paris, Geneva, Vienna, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, Bucharest, Panama and Guatemala.


Articles by Ralph Z. Hallow

Huckabee's blast exposes rift on the right

In a sign of lingering divisions on the right, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee blasted last week's Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest meeting of conservatives in the nation, saying it was unrepresentative of the Republican Party as a whole. Published February 23, 2010

Tea partiers energize CPAC

What made this year's Conservative Political Action Conference different from previous ones, besides the record 10,000 registrants claimed by organizers, was the existence of the "tea party" phenomenon. Published February 22, 2010

To jeers and cheers, Ron Paul wins straw poll at CPAC

Texas Rep. Ron Paul won the informal 2012 presidential straw poll of conservative activists at the Saturday windup of the 37th annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Published February 21, 2010

'Tea party' activists change dynamic at CPAC

On the opening day of the biggest-ever annual gathering of conservatives, the tenuous relationship among conservatives, tea party activists and the Republican Party establishment was repeatedly on display. Published February 19, 2010

Rubio: 'Tea party' a political-energy source

Gov. Charlie Crist's rival -- called the potential first "tea party senator" -- is quick to note that the anti-big-government group is a symbol of voter frustration at both major parties. Published February 18, 2010

Conservative manifesto makes bid to reunify

A major effort by about 80 right-wing thinkers and leaders of conservative organizations to generate a common statement of principles appears to be making some headway in unifying the normally fractious right. Published February 15, 2010

Rubio to speak at conservative conference

Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio will give the kickoff address at the 37th annual Conservative Political Action Conference this week, The Washington Times has learned. Published February 15, 2010

N. Dakota Republicans aim to tap into 'tea party' energy

Republicans in North Dakota are planning one of the party's first organized efforts to capture some of the energy and enthusiasm of the "tea party" movement, an experiment that nervous party officials around the country will be watching with hopeful anticipation. Published February 5, 2010

Steele weathering disaffection in RNC

Despite a minefield of internal discontent, chairman Michael S. Steele has emerged from a party gathering with his authority intact and a strategy to harness the energy of the "tea party" movement. Published February 4, 2010

GOP leaders adopt litmus test of values for candidates

The Republican National Committee on Friday unanimously called on its chairman to "carefully screen" the voting records and statements of all GOP candidates for evidence that they support the "core principles and positions" of the party's national platform, widely regarded as a highly conservative document. Published January 30, 2010

Steele told he must win tea partiers' trust

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey has warned Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele that his plans to align the Republican Party with the "tea party" movement will fail unless Mr. Steele proves his bona fides on taxing-and-spending issues. Published January 29, 2010

RNC promises light touch in fall races

HONOLULU | The Republican National Committee and its campaign management experts will be available to give advice but will let candidates for statewide office calls the shots in their races this November, RNC Political Director Gentry Collins said Wednesday. Published January 28, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: RNC members will urge Steele to end book tour

Senior Republican National Committee members are preparing a motion demanding that RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele cancel promotional events for the book he wrote as chairman, The Washington Times has learned. Published January 13, 2010

Steele to GOP critics: Fire me or 'shut up'

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele on Thursday challenged some of the most prominent critics in his party to fire him or "shut up." Published January 8, 2010

Steele's side pursuits drive away big donors

Some wealthy contributors are shunning the RNC -- in many cases, from discontent with party chairman Michael S. Steele -- and donating instead to the other GOP campaign committees or directly to candidates. Published January 7, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-RNC chiefs rip Steele speaking fees

Michael S. Steele, Republican National Committee chairman, is using his title to market himself for paid appearances, personally profiting from speeches -- an unusual practice criticized by a string of past party chairmen. Published December 22, 2009

Gilmore takes helm of Free Congress

Former Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III, widely regarded as a traditional conservative, is taking over the reins of the Free Congress Foundation -- a major outside influence on Republican Party policy and especially in moving the party to a new emphasis on traditional social and religious values. Published December 15, 2009

GOP leaders brawl over candidate funding

Another public brawl has erupted between allies and critics of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele, threatening party unity 11 months before the GOP's hoped-for comeback in the crucial 2010 midterm elections, Republicans on all sides say. Published December 2, 2009

Huckabee's White House hopes hurt by commutation

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's hopes for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination have been dealt a major blow by his 9-year-old decision to commute the sentence of Maurice Clemmons. Published December 1, 2009