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Rowan Scarborough

Articles by Rowan Scarborough

Air Force firings followed budget battle

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates' decapitation of the Air Force leadership came months after a heated debate pitting Mr. Gates and his staff against Air Force generals over spending priorities, knowledgeable sources have revealed. Published June 15, 2008

Suicide recruits dropping in Iraq

The United States is seeing a sharp drop in the number of foreigners entering Iraq to become al Qaeda suicide bombers, according to intelligence and Bush administration sources. Published June 11, 2008

Gates eyes a top aide as Air Force secretary

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is expected to recommend one of his top aides, Michael B. Donley, for the job of Air Force secretary, a senior defense official said Friday. Published June 7, 2008

General: McCain weak on security

The most senior retired military officer to back Barack Obama says Obama will not give John McCain, a decorated war hero, a pass on the issue of national security. Published June 2, 2008