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Rowan Scarborough

Articles by Rowan Scarborough

Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (left) and the commander of the Western Military District, Anatoly Sidorov arrive to watch military exercises near St. Petersburg. Russia has shown off its new arsenal as it masses near Ukraine. (RIA-Novosti via Associated Press)

Tactical advantage: Russian military shows off impressive new gear

Elite Russian troops are displaying a new arsenal of body armor, individual weapons, armor-piercing ammunition and collar radios — a menu of essential gear that gives them a big tactical advantage against a lesser-equipped Ukrainian army. Published April 20, 2014

Her own words: In her final days as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton tells a Senate committee that she saw no specific security requests for Benghazi and "I wasn't involved in the talking points process." (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton all but erased from tragic story of Benghazi

A huge wave of public testimony, reports and documents on what happened in Benghazi now floods Washington, and little of it focuses on the role of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton before, on, or after Sept. 11, 2012. Published April 13, 2014