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S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller reports from the White House on politics, policy and political campaigns for The Washington Times. He can be contacted at smiller@washingtontimes.com.

Articles by S.A. Miller

Graham, Lieberman fight to block release of detainee photos

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman on Tuesday threatened to bring the chamber's business to a standstill as they fight to save legislation that would bar the release of photographs showing apparent U.S. abuses of suspected terrorist detainees. Published June 9, 2009

GOP seeks to trim stimulus, cut deficit

With the economy showing signs of recovery, fiscally conservative economists and Republican lawmakers are suggesting that the large unspent portion of the nearly $800 billion stimulus fund should be redirected to slash this year's nearly $2 trillion annual deficit. Published June 8, 2009

Poll: Cheney, Pelosi almost equally polarizing

As if getting on the CIA's bad side were not worrisome enough, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now finds she is as unpopular with the American public as the often-maligned former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney. Published June 6, 2009

For Gitmo's detainees, no place to go

President Obama isn't finding any takers in the U.S. to house the terrorism detainees now being held at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Published June 5, 2009

GOP eyes GM takeover as election tool

Republicans plan to use the government takeover of General Motors Corp. as ammunition in their bid to defeat congressional Democrats next year, saying its a glaring example of big government intrusion into the marketplace that will rankle average voters. Published June 2, 2009

Center-left, center-right? Attitude surveys conflict

The 2008 election is in the history books, but the fight over the true sentiments of the American voter remains as lively as ever, with two new surveys offering conflicting views on whether the U.S. body politic leans a bit to the left or a bit to the right. Published June 2, 2009

Byrd hospital stay extended by staph infection

The health of Sen. Robert C. Byrd, the longest serving member in Senate history, has taken a turn for the worse and prompted doctors to extend the lawmaker's hospital stay, his office said Monday. Published June 1, 2009

Visclosky subpoenaed in lobbying probe

Rep. Peter J. Visclosky, Indiana Democrat, said Friday he has been subpoenaed in a federal grand jury probe of the lobbying firm PMA Group, the first tangible sign that the corruption investigation of the well-connected firm has spread to Capitol Hill. Published May 30, 2009

Visclosky's records subpoenaed in probe

Rep. Pete Visclosky said Friday that he has been subpoenaed in a federal grand jury probe of lobbying firm PMA Group, the first tangible evidence the corruption investigation has spread to Capitol Hill. Published May 29, 2009

Sestak 'close' to run against Specter

In defiance of President Obama's support for newly-turned Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter's re-election run, Rep. Joe Sestak said he is getting ready to jump into the 2010 Senate race in Pennsylvania. Published May 29, 2009

Past votes no guarantee of GOP support for high court nominee

Some of the same Republican senators who helped put Sonia Sotomayor on the federal appeals bench a decade ago say they will closely re-examine her qualifications and character now that she has been nominated for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Published May 28, 2009

Sotomayor deflected Republicans before

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor can expect a confirmation hearing grilling over her perceived biases in rulings and comments she made condoning judicial activism, but she has experience at deflecting senators' pointed questions. Published May 27, 2009

GOP senators promise a fair hearing

Senate Republicans waded cautiously into a possible Supreme Court confirmation fight with President Obama, promising a fair hearing of nominee Sonia Sotomayor while vowing "careful scrutiny" of her qualifications and her ability to render impartial judgments. Published May 26, 2009

Democrats in power hand victories to NRA

President Obama and his allies in Congress have given the gun lobby a string of victories - from forgoing new gun laws to easing restrictions already on the books - since Mr. Obama took office and Democrats assumed complete command of political power in Washington. Published May 26, 2009

Senate upholds IMF contribution

The Senate blocked a Republican bid to strip a $100 billion contribution to the International Monetary Fund from President Obama's emergency war-spending bill, as the legislation moved toward passage late Thursday evening. Published May 22, 2009

A champion for veterans on Capitol Hill

House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner is rushing from a staff meeting at his Capitol Hill office to the House floor to cast a vote against President Obama's funding request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all the while beaming as he reminisces about the billions of dollars in benefits he has championed for veterans of those and earlier wars. Published May 21, 2009

Dems reject funding to close Gitmo

Senate Democrats broke Tuesday with President Obama over funds to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, refusing to bankroll the project until the White House presents a plan for relocating hundreds of terrorism suspects imprisoned there. Published May 20, 2009

GAO details abuse cases in schools

The use of seclusion and physical restraint in schools to discipline children has resulted in hundreds of possible abuse cases during the past two decades, including some ending in death, according to a government report released Tuesday. Published May 20, 2009