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Seth McLaughlin

Seth McLaughlin, a reporter on the Politics Desk, can be reached at Follow him on Twitter: @SethMcLaughlin1

Articles by Seth McLaughlin

GOP voters ask: 'Johnson who?'

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is the Rodney Dangerfield of this year's GOP presidential field — he gets no respect, despite a strong conservative record, a stint as governor of a key state, and a colorful background in the public and private sectors. Published August 7, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann is among nine Republicans presidential candidates jockeying for position in next month's straw poll in Ames, Iowa. (Associated Press)

Bachmann, Pawlenty trade barbs before Iowa straw poll

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Rep. Michele Bachmann's war of words comes as GOP presidential candidates jockey for position before the Aug. 13 Ames Straw Poll — the circuslike event in Iowa that some have billed the "Minnesota Primary." Published July 28, 2011

HEARD: "The magnificence of what is happening right now," Ron Paul says, "is [people] are starting to pay attention." (Drew Angerer/The Washington Times)

Paul's supporters see his influence beyond win-lose

Ron Paul supporters know he has little chance of becoming the next president, but they say his third bid for the job is about more than winning the GOP nomination or the White House — it's about guiding the political landscape beyond the Republican-Democrat duopoly that's controlled Washington for more than a century. Published July 27, 2011

**FILE** In this photo from June 18, 2011, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. (Associated Press)

Ex-governors' jobs numbers trail Perry's

The former governors in the GOP presidential field tout their political accomplishments as proof they can lead the nation out of the economic doldrums, but when it comes to actual job numbers, the trio doesn't hold a candle to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has emerged in recent polls as a strong conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. Published July 24, 2011

Republican candidates split on debt-ceiling fix

Just as Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are splintered on strategy over the debt limit, so is the party's presidential field, with the tea-party wing saying an increase should be rejected and the more moderate elements taking a wait-and-see approach. Published July 14, 2011

None of Iowa's ardor for Bachmann in N.H.

Rep. Michele Bachmann leads the House Tea Party Caucus, but for New Hampshire tea partyers, Rep. Ron Paul appears to be the GOP presidential candidate of choice. Published July 13, 2011

Reagan back on campaign trail

The Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential sweepstakes haven't been shy about invoking Ronald Reagan's sunny disposition and rhetoric about American exceptionalism, or painting their prescriptions for the nation's woes as a natural extension of his political orthodoxy. Published July 7, 2011

Early lead in polls no indication of GOP nominee

Coming out of the July 4th weekend, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the clear front-runner in the crowded Republican field of White House hopefuls — though history suggests the early lead in the polls won't necessarily make him a shoo-in at the ballot box. Published July 3, 2011

Romney challenged on slam

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Thursday traveled to a century-old Pennsylvania manufacturing plant that closed earlier this year and blamed its shuttering on the "Obama economy" - but elected officials and business leaders said it was unfair to connect the president's policies to the plant's closure, which was decades in the making. Published June 30, 2011

Pawlenty warns against 'isolationist' GOP

In a thinly veiled swipe at his rivals in the 2012 Republican presidential field, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty criticized the growing isolationist sentiments being expressed by some in the GOP ranks. Published June 28, 2011

Bachmann joins GOP race for president

Casting herself as a constitutional conservative, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, kicked off her presidential campaign Monday, vowing to be a voice for "reasonable, fair-minded" Americans and to leave a better future for generations by reducing the size of the federal government. Published June 27, 2011

Bachmann strives to make a mighty leap

The hot new question in the Republican primary is whether Rep. Michele Bachmann, a three-term congresswoman who has rapidly leapfrogged from legislative back-bencher to tea party superstar, now can make the jump from the U.S. House to the White House — a gap that hasn't been cleared since 1880. Published June 26, 2011

It's a tough race before primary starting line

Since announcing his presidential campaign early this month, Mitt Romney has spent his time slipping the jabs of his GOP rivals while barnstorming the country for cash — casting his eye beyond the daily news cycle and toward winning the early contests next year. Published June 23, 2011

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican

Santorum welcomes Huntsman to GOP race with parody ad

Count former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum among those welcoming Jon Huntsman to the GOP presidential race by mocking the recent dirt-bike videos the former Utah governor's camp has posted online. Published June 21, 2011

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., a Republican presidential hopeful and a former ambassador to China, swings his leg over a "Deluxe Softail" Harley during a stop at Manchester Harley-Davidson in New Hampshire this month.

Huntsman revs up for GOP race

Though he has one of the most impressive resumes in the GOP presidential field, Jon Huntsman Jr. is relatively unknown outside his home state — a fact that presents both challenge and opportunity as the former Utah governor officially launches his campaign Tuesday. Published June 20, 2011

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (right) and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich share a laugh and acknowledge the audience before the first New Hampshire Republican presidential debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester on Monday. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (left), officially declared her candidacy during the evening. (Associated Press)

GOP candidates for president don't embrace Bush years

The Republican field of White House hopefuls have been gun-shy about mentioning President George W. Bush by name, but they've been more than happy about taking aim at his policies - a strategy that suggests the smartest way to become the 45th president is to run away from the 43rd. Published June 16, 2011

Republican debaters target Obama

Together onstage for the first New Hampshire debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, the Republican field of candidates Monday took aim at President Obama, saying that despite trillions of dollars of spending and tax breaks, he has left the country in what one called "the Obama depression." Published June 13, 2011