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Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan

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Election roils GOP leaders

Their losses mounting, House Republican began their struggle for the leadership in earnest Wednesday morning as Rep. John Boehner of Ohio announced he wants to remain the House minority leader and House Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam announcing he would step down from his post. All eyes were watching to see whether House Minority Whip Roy Blunt would also step aside. Published November 5, 2008

All eyes on Pennsylvania as bellwether of McCain's fate

The political pros say they'll be watching to see whether Pennsylvania goes red Tuesday - if so, Sen. John McCain might pull off one of the greatest comebacks in political history and be on his way to the White House. Published November 4, 2008

Obama leads; margin not clear

Heading into Tuesday's election, every major independent poll gives Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama the lead over his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain. Published November 3, 2008

Differences in judicial nominees gain little notice

Judicial nominees are a driving force for many voters, and there's a gaping difference between Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama and his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain. Published November 3, 2008

Republican rips Bush for caving on principles

A Republican House leader said Wednesday that President Bush and his party's congressional leadership caved on principles to help the top of their presidential ticket during the Wall Street bailout and that there could be a leadership purge if enough Republican lawmakers lose their seats next month. Published October 30, 2008

Bush stays off campaign trail

Despite canceling campaign events and all but shirking the campaign trail, President Bush a week away from the election is still the dominant factor for Republicans and Democrats up and down the ticket. Published October 29, 2008

'01 radio interview stirs Obama foes

John McCain on Monday said a newly revealed radio tape from Barack Obama adds depth to his "spread the wealth" comments and exposes the Democratic presidential nominee as candidate for "redistributionist in chief." Published October 28, 2008

Obama jumps on McCain remark about Bush

Sen. John McCain, who has been trying to distance himself from President Bush, acknowledged Sunday they "share a common philosophy" - a remark immediately pounced on by Sen. Barack Obama as underscoring what a McCain administration would be like. Published October 27, 2008

McCain labels Obama 'the redistributor'

Sen. John McCain on Monday labeled his Democratic presidential opponent "the redistributor," saying a newly revealed Chicago radio interview from 2001 exposes Mr. Obama's plan for the nation. Published October 27, 2008

McCain differs on opponent's tax policy

After days of trying to link Sen. Barack Obama to President Bush, Sen. John McCain said Monday his Democratic presidential opponent would be a departure from Mr. Bush, but in the wrong direction. Published October 27, 2008

McCain seizes on gaffes of Democrats

When Republicans began booing the mention of Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. at a McCain rally on Saturday, Sen. Lindsey Graham told them to cut it out. Published October 27, 2008

McCain says he'll test foreign enemies

Sen. John McCain on Saturday said he would "test" enemy countries when elected president, trying to turn Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s gaffe against the Democratic ticket. Published October 25, 2008

McCain portrays Obama as a sequel to Bush

Sen. John McCain on Thursday continued to distance himself from President Bush and even tried to turn the tables on his Democratic rival, arguing that Sen. Barack Obama will provide the sequel to the Bush administration's reckless, runaway spending. Published October 24, 2008

McCain uses Biden's words to hit Obama

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. | Sen. John McCain on Thursday morning mocked Sen. Barack Obama's defense that running mate Joseph R. Biden Jr. wasn't serious when he said enemy nations will try to test Mr. Obama with an international crisis. Published October 23, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: McCain lambastes Bush years

John McCain on Wednesday blasted President Bush for building a mountain of debt for future generations, failing to pay for expanding Medicare and abusing executive powers, leveling his strongest criticism of Bush to date. Published October 23, 2008

McCain picks World Series favorite

Sen. John McCain has decried his rival's lack of leadership and experience, and today he punctuated the point. Published October 22, 2008

Exclusive: McCain interview on Straight Talk Air

Sen. John McCain on Wednesday said the Democratic presidential campaign has made clear that the world would be a more dangerous place if Sen. Barack Obama is elected. Published October 22, 2008

Libertarian Barr says he scares McCain

Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr says Republicans are so afraid that he will spoil things for Sen. John McCain that the Republican presidential nominee is shadowing him, scheduling appearances in battleground states to match Mr. Barr's own campaign events. Published October 21, 2008