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Obama, Dems set deadlines for health reform

Saying the "stars are aligned," President Obama said Wednesday that Congress must send him a health care bill this year, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised her chamber would vote on one before August. Published May 13, 2009

Sessions offers fair fight on Supreme Court

Republicans' new top man on the Senate Judiciary Committee said even without a new Supreme Court nominee having been named, Republicans will begin looking into the shortlist of names President Obama reportedly is considering and even could warn the White House confidentially if they think a nominee is unacceptable. Published May 12, 2009

Obama move on abortion funds riles both sides

President Obama called for overturning a decade-old ban on publicly funded abortions in the District as part of his budget proposal Thursday, but did not overturn the national ban on federal funding. Published May 8, 2009

Obama reverses stance on immigration

President Obama has embraced the enforcement-first position on immigration and he now says he can't move forward with the type of comprehensive bill he wants until voters are convinced that the borders can be enforced. Published May 8, 2009

Obama trims budget, but less than Bush

President Obama on Thursday will announce fewer budget cuts and for a lesser dollar amount than President George W. Bush did in his final budget - and is counting on being able to eliminate some programs that his predecessor repeatedly tried, but failed, to slash. Published May 7, 2009

Biden: Dismantle West Bank settlements

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday called for dismantling Israeli settlements in the West Bank and repeated guarantees that the United States under President Obama will defend Israel's security. Published May 5, 2009

Obama wants court pick to have 'empathy'

President Obama said Friday he will look beyond traditional legal experience to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter — to someone who can relate to average Americans. Published May 2, 2009

GOP leaders form group to reconnect with voters

Top Republican leaders seeking to stabilize their battered party said Thursday that they have formed a new national group to try to reconnect Republicans to the voters who have fled from their ranks. Published May 1, 2009

Biden hits panic button on swine flu

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. went off-script Thursday and said he would advise his family not to take an airplane or even get on a subway to avoid the swine flu -- just a day after his boss, President Obama, told Americans only far more modest measures are needed, such as washing hands and stifling coughs. Published April 30, 2009

Obama: Torture not worth trade-off

President Obama acknowledged that waterboarding may glean information from terrorists but said those techniques constitute "torture" and that the country is made safer by not using them. Published April 30, 2009

Obama: America safer without torture tactics

President Obama on his 100th day in office acknowledged that enhanced interrogation tactics may glean information from terrorists but said those techniques constitute "torture," saying the country is safer without them. Published April 29, 2009

Specter to run as Democrat for 2010

Five-term Republican Sen. Arlen Specter said Tuesday that he is switching parties and will run next year as a Democrat. Published April 29, 2009

Frenetic pace set for Obama's first 100 days

President Obama ends the first 100 days of his administration as he began - dealing with a major crisis, struggling to find Republican support and working with a Senate in flux. Published April 29, 2009

Specter joins Democrats opposed to key Obama goals

The only immediate effect of Sen. Arlen Specter's switch from Republican to Democrat was to boost the number of Democrats who oppose some of President Obama's chief goals. Published April 29, 2009

Lawmakers cut flu money from stimulus

Congress over the past four years has trimmed spending aimed at fighting a flu pandemic, most recently in this year's stimulus bill, when a key House Democrat tried but failed to get his colleagues to include hundreds of millions of dollars. Published April 28, 2009

Obama fields press, gifts in first 100 days

Though its own author has lamented it as one-dimensional, the book Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave to President Obama at the recent Summit of the Americas is rite-of-passage reading for Latin American youths. Published April 28, 2009

Top Dem: Forced to strip flu-fighting funds

A top House Democrat on Monday accused fellow lawmakers of forcing him to strip millions of dollars out of the recovery act he said would have helped prepare to fight the new swine flu outbreak. Published April 27, 2009

States in need not first in line for stimulus

President Obama's stimulus bill was supposed to spend money to create jobs, but four of the top 10 recipients of per capita grant aid to date have the lowest unemployment rates in the country and nearly all are below the national average. Published April 24, 2009

Obama open to torture memo prosecutions

President Obama for the first time Tuesday opened the door to prosecuting former Bush administration officials, saying those who approved harsh interrogation techniques may be subject to criminal charges. Published April 22, 2009