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Democrats politicking like it's 1994

President Obama has positioned himself in one week for success on health care and the nettlesome issue of gays serving in the military - the big issues that bedeviled and ultimately weakened President Clinton during his first two years in office. Published March 26, 2010

Gasoline prices are displayed on a sign at a filling station in Oakland, Calif. Gas prices have been on a roller-coaster ride over the past decade, dropping to near $1 after President George W. Bush's first year in office, crossing the $2 mark in 2005 and reaching $4 in June 2008 before Congress and Mr. Bush took action, lifting presidential and congressionally imposed moratoriums on expanding offshore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf. (Associated Press)

Gas up $1 a gallon on Obama's watch

Prices have risen $1 since just after Obama took office in January 2009 and are now closing in on the $3 mark, prompting an evaluation of the administration's energy record and calls for the White House to open more U.S. land for oil exploration. Published March 25, 2010

DHS IG: Immigration plan will bury agency

The federal government is not equipped to process the flood of applications from a proposed immigration legalization bill and the agency that would oversee that program won't be ready for "a few years," the office of the Homeland Security Department's inspector general told Congress on Tuesday. Published March 24, 2010

Immigration advocates pressure Obama

Flexing their political muscle, a swell of tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters took to the nation's front yard of the National Mall on Sunday to demand immigration reform move atop the crowded legislative agenda and to warn President Obama and Congress that their patience is running out. Published March 22, 2010

Obama backs plan to legalize illegals

The president gave a thumbs up to the outline of a plan -- being constructed by a Republican and a Democrat -- to legalize illegal immigrants and create a flow of low-skilled foreign workers for the future. Published March 18, 2010

CBO feels crush of health care requests

President Obama's agenda has so overloaded Congress that its legislative gatekeepers - the analysts who score each bill and the auditors who weed out waste and fraud - can't keep up. Published March 18, 2010

Obama team takes heat over unemployment

Bipartisan frustration boiled over on Capitol Hill Tuesday at the Obama administration's inability to bring down the unemployment rate, with one liberal House Democrat telling top administration officials they have shown "no urgency" about fixing the problem. Published March 17, 2010

Senate approves modest earmark cut

Taking its first baby steps to rein in pork-barrel spending, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to rescind old transportation earmarks, though lawmakers also resoundingly defeated a more ambitious effort to ban all earmarks through 2011. Published March 17, 2010

Holder: Bin Laden capture seen unlikely

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. predicted Tuesday Osama bin Laden will never face justice in an American courthouse because he will never be taken alive by U.S. troops. Published March 17, 2010

Temporary foreign workers threaten immigration deal

Among all the other potential pitfalls, the divide over how to handle the future flow of foreign workers, which has bedeviled the immigration issue for years, once again threatens to halt any progress on immigration reform. Published March 16, 2010

GOP names nominees to debt panel

Congressional Republicans named six conservative opponents of tax increases to President Obama's debt commission Friday, and the panel now only awaits House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's picks before it can get started. Published March 12, 2010

With ban, GOP calls duel on earmarks

In a move to break with the GOP's big-spending past, House Republicans voted Thursday to ban members from requesting the pork-barrel spending that directs money to pet projects. Published March 12, 2010

Immigrant rights advocates, poised to rally, pressure Obama

Immigrant rights groups say President Obama has bought himself some breathing space after a tense meeting Thursday, but that the White House will have to show real progress on an immigration bill by March 21 when tens of thousands of immigrant rights marchers are scheduled to rally in Washington. Published March 12, 2010

Pay raise sought for bilingual fed workers

A key member of Congress says federal workers should be paid more for using their bilingual skills at work, and he's introduced a bill to boost those folks' pay by 5 percent. Published March 12, 2010

House GOP bans earmarks for members

House Republicans voted Thursday to ban their members this year from requesting earmarks, or pork-barrel spending projects, in a move to break with Republicans' big-spending past. Published March 11, 2010

Both parties in House start war over pork

Democrats said they'll ban earmarks where the government sends money to for-profit corporations; Republicans will vote on whether to impose a complete one-year moratorium on themselves. Published March 11, 2010

House KOs call for speedy Afghanistan withdrawal

The House on Wednesday soundly defeated a resolution setting a timetable for withdrawal, marking the chamber's first full debate on the war since Obama's surge announcement. Published March 11, 2010

Bipartisan blowout blocks Afghanistan withdrawal

The House on Wednesday soundly defeated a resolution setting a timetable for withdrawal, marking the chamber's first debate on that war since the surge was announced. Published March 11, 2010

Feds pay to ferret out stimulus fraud

Federal investigators have received more than 730 allegations of waste or fraud in stimulus act funding, canceled contracts of some bad actors and sent dozens of cases to prosecutors. Published March 10, 2010