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Stephen Dinan

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Climate scientists to fight back at skeptics

Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be "an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach" to gut the credibility of skeptics. Published March 5, 2010

Monthly deficit hits record $223B in Feb.

The federal government recorded its biggest monthly deficit ever in February, topping $200 billion for the first time in history and marking a record 17th straight month the government has ended in the hole. Published March 5, 2010

Stark out, Levin in at Ways and Means

The fallout from the ethical troubles of Rep. Charles B. Rangel continued Thursday as his successor chairman on the Ways and Means Committee stepped down just a day after becoming acting chairman. Published March 4, 2010

Both sides seek to rewrite stimulus law

Though bruised and battered in the public, more than a year into its existence the stimulus bill remains essentially intact - but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle this week are launching bids to rewrite major parts of the $862 billion law. Published March 4, 2010

Lawmakers cry 'jobs' to push through bills

It was a modest measure to designate several thousand beachfront acres of St. Croix as a National Historic Site, but in the hands of a skilled congressman such as Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, it became yet another jobs bill. Published March 3, 2010

Senators find way around Bunning

Anxious senators found an escape route late Tuesday from the devastating political crossfire brought on by a single Republican's near weeklong blockade that held up the extension of already-expired unemployment benefits and other federal aid. Published March 3, 2010

Bunning relents; jobless bill passes

The Senate on Tuesday passed a $10 billion short-term extension of unemployment benefits and other government aid after a Republican senator ended his nearly week-long blockade. Published March 2, 2010

GOP senators join criticism of Bunning

Senate Republicans now are battling publicly with Sen. Jim Bunning to try to force him to relent and allow an extension of unemployment benefits and other government aid that lapsed over the weekend. Published March 2, 2010

Arkansas lt. governor to challenge Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, already one of the most endangered Democrats in the upcoming election, now has drawn a primary challenge from Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Published March 1, 2010

'Bipartisanship' in Congress: Good or bad?

From a bipartisan commission on debt to a bipartisan health care bill, the B-word has become the defining goal of Washington this year - but those on both sides have a tough time defining it. Published March 1, 2010

Tea party seeks recall of Dem. senators

Some conservative activists are pushing to force more Democrats, such as Sen. Robert Menendez, onto the ballot in November by trying to recall them. Published February 26, 2010

Senate breaks rule, OKs jobs bill

Opponents of the $15 billion job-creation bill - mostly Republicans - said it doesn't do enough, shuts out other Republican ideas and violates the recently passed "pay-go" spending rules. Published February 25, 2010

Senate skirts new rules to pass jobs bill

It took less than two weeks for lawmakers to vote to break new rules requiring that new spending be offset elsewhere in the budget, waiving the requirement just minutes before a strong bipartisan majority passed a $15 billion job-creation bill in the Senate on Wednesday. Published February 24, 2010

Stimulus created jobs, but no real optimism

A new government analysis says the stimulus act funded between 1 million and 2.1 million jobs as of December and kept the economy humming at a faster rate than it would otherwise, but consumer confidence has tumbled anyway - potentially hindering the continued recovery. Published February 24, 2010

CBO sees big job boost from stimulus

The stimulus act added at least 1 million new jobs and possibly as many as 2.1 million jobs in the final three months of last year, and lowered the unemployment rate by at least a half a percentage point, according to a new analysis from Congress's official scorekeeper. Published February 23, 2010

Jobs bill advances with help from Brown

Bipartisanship broke out in the Senate on Monday, aided by newly minted Sen. Scott Brown, as senators rewarded the hardball tactics of Democratic leaders and avoided a filibuster by voting to move forward with a $15 billion jobs bill. Published February 23, 2010

Parks open to holders of concealed guns

U.S. national parks will open Monday to holders of concealed firearms as a hard-fought law passed last year takes effect, but both sides expect more battles over exactly what the legislation means in practice. Published February 22, 2010

'Tea party' activists change dynamic at CPAC

On the opening day of the biggest-ever annual gathering of conservatives, the tenuous relationship among conservatives, tea party activists and the Republican Party establishment was repeatedly on display. Published February 19, 2010

Cheney in surprise CPAC visit: Obama is 'one-term'

Fresh off his back-and-forth with the Obama administration, former Vice President Dick Cheney took his fight to the heart of the political right, making a surprise visit Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Published February 18, 2010