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Campaigns search for coveted crossovers

Forget soccer moms, security moms and NASCAR dads — the ultimate swing group this year may be the former party stalwarts each campaign is angling to poach from the other party, and chief among those are supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Published August 26, 2008

Pelosi: Civilization at stake in November

For those who thought this was just another election, Nancy Pelosi says to wake up: the planet is at stake in the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain. Published August 25, 2008

ANALYSIS: Biden is this year's 'Cheney'

Joseph Biden is a lot of things — a seasoned politician with an extensive legislative record, a familiar face in capitals across the world. In short, he's Barack Obama's Dick Cheney. Published August 25, 2008

Pelosi: Planet is at stake in this election

For those who thought this was just another election, Nancy Pelosi says to wake up: the planet is at stake in the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain. Published August 23, 2008

Hollywood conservatives to rally for McCain

As Democrats celebrate in Denver next week, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Sen. John McCain will be trying to fire up some star power of his own by collecting checks and support from conservatives in Hollywood. Published August 22, 2008

McCain evolves into a supply-sider

At a religious values forum this weekend, Sen. John McCain was asked about his biggest flip-flop of the past decade. He pointed to his newfound support for offshore drilling, but his biggest change might have come during the forum itself, when he completed his transformation from class warrior to supply-side tax cutter. Published August 18, 2008

Obama, McCain air moral, ethical views

LAKE FOREST, Calif. | Sen. Barack Obama Saturday said that defining when life begins is "above my pay grade," but added he would work to promote adoptions, as he and Sen. John McCain spilled their souls to an audience. Published August 17, 2008

Stevens faces toughest battle

A maverick millionaire who took on President Bush in the Dubai Ports fight of 2006 is now aiming for another top Washington politician - Ted Stevens, the senior Republican in the U.S. Senate. Published August 14, 2008

Immigration: 'Demographic divide' on the rise

New U.S. Census Bureau numbers show a stark change in immigration and birth patterns has moved up by eight years the date at which whites will no longer be the majority of the U.S. population, to 2042 - and demographers said those numbers will push immigration to the forefront of this year's political debates. Published August 14, 2008

McCain hints at pro-choice running mate

Sen. John McCain said Wednesday that he would not rule out naming a pro-choice vice-presidential nominee, saying the abortion issue amounts to "a disagreement" and that he thinks conservatives would accept former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, who is pro-choice, as a potential running mate. Published August 14, 2008

McCain learns his lessons on No. 2 picks

Sen. John McCain knows what it's like to be a potential vice-presidential nominee, having been on the list a time or two himself and having stepped on one, too. Published August 12, 2008

Businesses balk at immigration checks

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Monday it opposes a new screening requirement to weed illegal immigrants out of the federal contractor work force, and said President Bush acted illegally in signing an executive order mandating use of the program. Published August 12, 2008

Edwards admits affair with worker

UPDATED — John Edwards admitted Friday he had an affair with a woman during his presidential campaign and repeatedly lied about it as he was seeking the White House. Published August 8, 2008

McCain takes lead on YouTube hits

Paris Hilton may think John McCain is just a “wrinkly white-haired guy,” but the Republican presidential candidate apparently has figured out the younger generation just fine. Published August 7, 2008

Obama now backs tapping into oil reserve

Sen. Barack Obama put his pursuit of energy voters into overdrive on Monday, flipping positions to call for releasing oil from the government's strategic reserve just days after he said he was open to expanded offshore drilling. Published August 5, 2008

McCain, Obama agree on big issues

On some policy issues, the presidential election just won't matter - both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain are prepared to overturn President Bush's policy and expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, one of a series of contentious issues pushed out of the presidential debate because those at the top of the tickets agree. Published August 5, 2008

'Sam's Club' voters called key to modern GOP

The man who's helping host the Republican nominating convention and is seen as a shortlist candidate for the vice-presidential nomination has a message for his party: Care about the Sam's Club voter. Published August 4, 2008

Race turns into insult contest

A day after the release of a McCain ad comparing Mr. Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, both campaigns veered away from the issues and into a squabble over who said what, who intended what and who insinuated the rest. Published August 1, 2008