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President Barack Obama speaks in Atlanta on Aug. 1, 2016. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Democrats gear up to stop Obama on TPP trade deal

Liberal lawmakers and activists were enraged Friday by reports that President Obama signaled he'll try to pass his Pacific trade deal in the lame-duck session of Congress, just a day after the woman he hopes to succeed him, Hillary Clinton, said she'd kill it. Published August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton took pages from Mr. Obama's economic plans, echoing his calls for an infrastructure bank and a clean energy surge. (Associated Press)

Clinton calls for higher taxes, more regulations, new phase of Obamacare

Hillary Clinton vowed Thursday to kill the Pacific trade deal that she helped push just a few years ago as President Obama's top diplomat, hoping to win over wavering liberals and steal some of the anti-trade thunder from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Published August 11, 2016

Donald Trump continued to grab the lion's share of headlines with his political opponents saying his offhand comment that the "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton appeared to be a veiled threat against her. (Associated Press)

Trump, Clinton sidetracked by new scandals as campaign veers off course

The presidential campaign veered far off course Wednesday as Donald Trump's political opponents called for him to be investigated over inciting violence against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton -- and Mrs. Clinton faced her own questions about corruption during her time in the State Department. Published August 10, 2016

Informational Zika posters for pregnant woman are displayed as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a tour of a Miami health care center. (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton takes up Zika cause as mosquito-borne illness becomes political weapon

Zika is pushing all the buttons of American politics, with Hillary Clinton's call Tuesday to bring Congress back into session to spend more money -- and tack it on to the deficit -- just the latest sign. From abortion to spending to tricky calculations about birth defects and how much prevention is worth, Zika is forcing the political debate into new realms. Published August 9, 2016

President Obama has set modern records for clemency, reducing or canceling sentences for more than 600 federal inmates, more than his nine predecessors going back to John F. Kennedy combined. (Associated Press)

Obama's forgiveness of gun crimes amid push for controls 'incredible hypocrisy'

Richard Reid was already a two-time felon when authorities searched his Delaware apartment and found marijuana, crack cocaine divided into sales-size plastic bags, powder cocaine, a scale -- and a loaded .32 caliber handgun, an unloaded .25 caliber pistol and ammunition for two other types of weapons. Published August 9, 2016

In this Oct. 21, 2014 file photo, people opposed to child sex trafficking rally outside of the Washington state Supreme Court in Olympia, Wash. The Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015, in favor of three young girls who sued, claiming they were sold as prostitutes on the site. Thursday's ruling says the Communications Decency Act does not protect Backpage from state lawsuits because there's enough evidence to show that it didn't just host the ads, but helped develop the content. (AP Photo/Rachel La Corte/ File)

Court rules sex website must comply with congressional subpoena, one of the country's chief outlets for prostitutes and other adult services, must turn over records to a congressional probe that's looking into whether the website does enough to try to screen for victims of human trafficking, a judge ruled Friday. Published August 5, 2016

FILE - In this Monday, Aug. 8, 2011, file photo, a statue of former Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin stands guard outside the Treasury Building in Washington. On Friday, June 10, 2016, the Treasury Department releases federal budget data for May. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

CBO: Deficit larger than expected

The federal government has sunk deeper into the red than analysts projected just five months ago, and is now poised to post a $590 billion shortfall this fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office said Friday. Published August 5, 2016

Tea party activists demonstrate on Fountain Square before marching to the John Weld Peck Federal Building in Cincinnati to protest the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status on May 21, 2013. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Court says IRS must prove it stopped tea party targeting

A federal appeals court slapped the IRS with yet another rebuke Friday, ruling that it did, in fact, discriminate against tea party groups and insisting the tax agency prove that it's permanently stopped the unconstitutional targeting of groups because of their political leanings. Published August 5, 2016