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Steve Deace

Steve  Deace

Steve Deace is a nationally syndicated radio host for the USA Radio Network. His radio program has been featured in major media such as Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Politico, The Weekly Standard and Real Clear Politics, among others. He's one of the top 100 talk-show hosts in America, according to Talkers Magazine. In 2013, he wrote the second-most shared column of the year for USA Today, defending "Duck Dynasty" and traditional American values. In addition to being a contributor for Conservative Review, USA Today and Town, Deace is a columnist for The Washington Times. He is also the author of the book "Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again," which includes a foreword by David Limbaugh and is endorsed by a who's who of conservative leaders. He lives in Iowa with his wife Amy, and their three children: Ana, Zoe, Noah.

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FILE - In this Oct. 24, 2011 file photo, Keith Olbermann leaves a taping of the "Late Show with David Letterman," in New York. Olbermann was taken off his ESPN show for the rest of the week after making insulting comments about Penn State students on Twitter Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes, file)

Religious bigots and their special kind of stupid

Let's begin with a simple multiple choice question. The "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" that just became law in Indiana was inspired by similar legislation passed by which of the following duos? Published March 30, 2015

Ronald Reagan (Photo/Reagan Foundation)

Coming millennial bubble could spell trouble

An older generation complaining that an emerging one will be the death of civilization as we know it is a cliché and constant as the North Star. However, based on some rather troubling data regarding today's millennials, it could turn out to be true this time. Published March 16, 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks during the Iowa Agriculture Summit, Saturday, March 7, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Iowa caucus odds: Post-agriculture summit

The just-concluded Iowa Agriculture Summit didn't produce nearly the crowd and buzz of Congressman Steve King's candidate cattle call held six weeks ago. Published March 9, 2015

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, center, speaks to local residents while campaigning for 1st Congressional District candidate Rod Blum, right, Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) **FILE**

Mr. Blum goes to Washington

Many of our elected officials originally come to Washington with the intention of not losing their soul to the system. Unfortunately, few succeed. Rod Blum is bound and determined to be one of those few. Published March 2, 2015

Jesus says Obama is not a Christian

Since our Leftist media seem anxious to have a conversation about theology, I say we oblige. This week in their trolling of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker presents a panel discussion on whether or not President Barack Hussein Obama really is a Christian. Published February 23, 2015

Iranian demonstrators hold copies of the Koran and a decorative metal calligraphy bearing the name of the Prophet Muhammad during a rally against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's latest publication of a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad, which some Muslims deem an insult to Islam, in front of the French Embassy, Tehran, Iran, Monday, Jan. 19, 2015. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

The truth about Islam our elites willfully ignore

To many in the Muslim world, the United States is "the great Satan." Nevertheless, there is no place safer and more prosperous in the world for a Muslim to live than right here. Published January 20, 2015

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, one of several ex-members of Congress to become a successful lobbyist, is shown in this 2011 file photo. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Trent Lott sells out, thrashes Ted Cruz

Trent Lott wasn't always this way. He was once a conservative champion, who came to Washington to change the ruling-class narrative. But now he's a profile in what Washington does to you if you stay too long — unless you have Winston Churchill-like courage of conviction, and few mere mortals do. Published December 8, 2014

By the time he leaves office in two years, President Obama will be known as the man who was even more successful getting Republicans elected than Ronald Reagan, writes conservative Steve Deace. (Associated Press)

The Democrats' war on whites

To paraphrase President Obama's controversial spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright: "America's race-baiting chickens are coming home to roost." Published December 1, 2014

The Left's war on underage boys

By the Left's own stated reasoning (brainwashing), they are now conducting a vicious, inhuman and despicable war on underage boys. Published November 24, 2014

The race for the 2016 Iowa Caucuses is underway, and some of the candidates also ran in 2012. (AP Photo/Dave Weaver)

Iowa Caucuses: 2016 opening odds

The main event is finally here. The race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination is now underway. Published November 18, 2014

Pastor Jim Garlow from the evangelical Skyline Church delivers a Sunday sermon against gay marriage on Sept. 21, 2008 in San Diego. Hundreds of pastors have called on their congregations to fast and pray for the passage of Proposition 8 which would amend the state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman putting an end to gay marriage in California. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi) **FILE**

Reports of evangelicals' political demise greatly exaggerated

The ruling class in both political parties keeps waiting for it to happen and reporting it has happened, but it hasn't happened yet. In fact, the 2014 election results confirm the exact opposite is true — reports of evangelicals' political demise have been greatly exaggerated. Published November 12, 2014

U.S. Sen.-elect Joni Ernst speaks to supporters during an election night rally, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in West Des Moines, Iowa. Ernst defeated U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, in the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) **FILE**

Winners and losers of the 2014 election

Government so often picks winners and losers at the expense of the people. But on Election Day, the people get to pick winners and losers at the expense of the government. Published November 5, 2014