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Suzanne Fields

Suzanne Fields

Suzanne Fields is a columnist for The Washington Times and is nationally syndicated.

Articles by Suzanne Fields

FIELDS: Closing time

Newspaper accounts of past presidential campaigns nearly always reveal the singular moment when the public finally decided who should prevail on Election Day. A foolish remark, a speech not made, an inability to catch an unexpected swing in the public mood. It's often less that the winner fired the silver bullet than that the loser forgot to duck. Only the hindsight of the historian actually determines the fateful moment. Published October 2, 2008

FIELDS: Numbers don't add up

We have to forget about the end of history. It's the end of economic ideology as we know it that requires thinking outside the box. With conservatives cheering, or at least tolerating, big-government bail-outs and more regulation of what was once the free market, and liberals conceding that this is no time to expand government-funded programs dear to their hearts, we're in a shake-up, not a meltdown. Published September 25, 2008

Putting the squeeze on Palin

The notabilities of the mainstream media are suffering acute PMS. That's Palin Motherhood Syndrome. Instead of appreciating Sarah Palin as mother, experienced executive and smart politician, they're venting their rage at the multi-tasking mom. How could she hide her pregnancy for so many months? How dare she return to work as governor of Alaska three days after giving birth? How could she deprive her teen-age daughter of effective sex education? And how could she have deprived both herself and the daughter of an abortion when that would have solved everything so neatly? Published September 11, 2008

Gender politics

Like none before it, this presidential campaign is redefining what it can mean to be a woman. That wizened Austrian doctor who famously asked, "what do women want?" finally concluded that he didn't have a clue. Freud understood, like men before and after him, that women were a mysterious mixture of the good, the bad and the beautiful. Published September 4, 2008

Convention(al) reflections

It's hard to be a hero in America. John Kerry learned that the hard way. He returned from the war in Vietnam, decorated by a grateful country, and turned on the men he had left behind, accusing them of crimes and atrocities. Years later, after he "reported for duty" as the nominee of his party, he was "swift-boated" by men with whom he had served. Turn about may or may not have been fair play, but it was enough to sink Mr. Kerry's boat. Published August 28, 2008

The lady dithered

There's nothing mellow about Hillary Clinton. She's the greatest polarizer since Richard Nixon. Her defenders are fierce, her detractors ferocious. It's not because she's a woman that she's "the might have been" - as Democrats gather this week for their convention in Denver - it's because of the kind of woman she is. Published August 21, 2008