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Suzanne Fields

Suzanne Fields

Suzanne Fields is a columnist for The Washington Times and is nationally syndicated.

Articles by Suzanne Fields

Illustration on Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren        The Washington Times

Hillary Clinton's problem is not a glass ceiling, but the new girl in town

Back in the day when Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were in high school and a new girl walked into the classroom, the boys looked to see whether she was a pretty one, and the girls looked to see what she had to offer to their cliques. The boys evaluated looks, the girls personality. Published December 17, 2014

Illustration on the damage done by false accusations of rape by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The feminist rape of reputation

Feminism is entering a new phase of the movement. You could call it the era of mea culpa. Feminism has rightly claimed "victim" status at the mercy of rapists, and now certain women have turned the tables and are making victims of men, but with slander, the rape of reputation. This isn't an "epidemic," as feminists have said rape is an epidemic, but the numbers are significant enough to make the headlines. Published December 10, 2014

Illustration on Supreme Court case on threatening speech on the Internet by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The Supreme Court is asked again to judge the lethality of language

When the chief justice of the United States recites lyrics from a rap song about violence and murder, you can bet he's not rehearsing for a shot on "Saturday Night Live." He's inquiring into the redeeming value of the crude and coarsened language of social media in the digital age. Published December 3, 2014

Illustration on Bill Cosby by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Bill Cosby’s message survives personal disaster

What's fascinating about the coverage of the persuasive accusations against Bill Cosby, now 18 and rising, is that race doesn't dominate. There's an outcry at the abuse of women, and he's shredded the healthy black-father family man image he carefully cultivated on his sitcom, but you don't read or hear notice taken of the fact that the women who say he drugged and raped them were usually white. Published November 26, 2014

Illustration on campus sexual policies by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Misreading the cry of rape

If Aesop were here he might rewrite his famous fable, replacing the boy who cried "wolf!" with the girl who cried "rape!" The cry of "rape" is used so carelessly that it's often impossible to get to the truth of an accusation. When rape was a capital offense it was a rare and vicious crime which required a court of law to apply justice. It was underreported, since the rapist usually took advantage of those who felt too vulnerable even to say anything about it. Published November 19, 2014

Illustration on the ascendancy of Republican women in polical office by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

A big night for congressional Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is home from the war on women, a "war" fought mostly in the fantasies of embattled Democrats, and she sounds like a Republican who looks a lot like Joni Ernst of Iowa. Published November 5, 2014

Illustration on reality and memory in Germany on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. (By Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times)

The Berlin Wall, back to the future

Americans groove on the exhilaration of argument and accusation as the midterm elections finally approach, but here in Germany, there's the bitter remembrance of what it was like to have none of the above. Published October 29, 2014

Illustration by Clement, National Post, Toronto, Canada

Troubled times for Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel tops the Forbes magazine list of the hundred most powerful women in the world for the fourth consecutive year, but these are difficult days for the German chancellor. Published October 22, 2014

Illustration on California's sexual assent law by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Gone is the girl who can't say 'no'

Gay blades, weary of the indulgent life of easy gratification, want the courts to guarantee their right to marry. Stuffy straights demand that politicians legislate their partner's sexual intentions. The times, they are indeed a-changin'. Published October 8, 2014

Illustration on Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaking at Yale by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

God, woman and free speech at Yale

When Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the brave human-rights activist and a native of Somalia, spoke at Yale last week, 300 students turned out to listen. Others were turned away because security was so tight. The sponsors were almost apologetic because there was no controversy. Published October 1, 2014

Illustration on anti-Semitism masquerading as criticism of Israel by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The Israelization of anti-Semitism

Angela Merkel is the stand-up lady of Europe. The German chancellor is forthright in calling anti-Semites to account. Published September 17, 2014

Illustration on Obama's hapless leadership by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The buck stops in the White House

Franklin D. Roosevelt had the good fortune of Adolf Hitler declaring war on the United States just four days after Pearl Harbor. Published September 10, 2014

Illustration of the passenger pigeon by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

A bird's-eye view of extinction

The end of summer makes melancholy babies of all of us. We're more nervous than usual this year. Published September 3, 2014

Banker Follows Graduates Illustration by William Brown

Digitizing the authentic education

Thousands of moms and dads, following the script written into an autumn ritual of the middle class, are preparing to say farewell to the sons and daughters they've loved, nurtured and tried to civilize for nearly two decades. Published August 27, 2014

Bogart and Bacall in "To Have and Have Not."

'Death be not proud'

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall join this year's roster of celebrity deaths. Their names and fame preoccupy us in public mourning, though most of us were no closer to them in life than to a movie or television screen. Published August 20, 2014

Heart and Soul Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Starving the soul on campus

Some critics argue that the colleges are turning students into intellectual zombies, never touching their souls. Published August 13, 2014

Illustration on child marriage and sexual abuse by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

A 'war' everyone can cheer

The "Republican war on women" is a fiction extracted from the imaginations of Democratic campaign strategists and endorsed by President Obama. Published August 6, 2014