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Latest news from the Democratic National Convention



EDITORIAL: Democrats sleeping with the enemy

For all their railing against the evils of big bad banks, Democrats aren't shy about jumping into bed with them when the price is right. And they don't much care whether taxpayers lose out in the process. Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, and his cohort Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, are leaders in making support for delinquent banks into a respectable progressive cause. Published December 31, 2009

EDITORIAL: Transportation Security Administration on trial

The editorial pages of practically every major newspaper in the country have warned that the Transportation Security Administration is failing. Left, right, center, it doesn't matter. The incompetence is obvious to anyone who looks. Published December 31, 2009

EDITORIAL: Christmas day's recycled terrorists

With reports appearing that former Guantanamo detainees played a role in the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253, President Obama's plan to shutter the facility, putting detainees back on the streets, doesn't look so popular. Nor should it. Every released detainee has the potential for political and literal blowback. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obamacare's racial bigotry

As if there weren't enough objectionable parts to the Democrats' government health care bills on Capitol Hill, it now turns out that the plans actively promote racial discrimination. As is often the case, one attempt at creating special favors for racial minorities might make it more likely for those same minorities to be abused. Published December 30, 2009

CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Cities seek jobs plan, more cash

Months after economists declared the U.S. recession over, unemployment numbers paint a clear picture of why America's urban areas are hurting. With elections looming next year for all 435 House seats, the Congressional Black Caucus recently sent a letter to President Obama asking for federal dollars to create jobs and job-training opportunities for blacks. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: The pooh-pooh presidency

Known for leaping in front of cameras to bolster support for health care "reform" or cap and trade, President Obama gives resounding campaign-style speeches to back agenda items he actually cares about. Terrorism doesn't rate that much effort. After Fort Hood and Northwest Airlines Flight 253, Mr. Obama seemed like he was dragged in front of the American people. Published December 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: Big Sister's big flip-flop

On Sunday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed that the attempt to blow up the Amsterdam to Detroit flight last week demonstrated that "the system worked." On NBC's "Today" show on Monday, she claimed that her comment was taken out of context, and that she agrees that the system "failed miserably." Ms. Napolitano's second attempt at honesty was just as disingenuous as the first. Published December 29, 2009

EDITORIAL: While terrorists plot, the FAA parties

While a terrorist was plotting to kill Americans over the Christmas holidays, what was the Federal Aviation Administration doing? Why, spending $5 million on a three-week-long Christmas party, of course. Published December 29, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obama denies crotch bomber conspiracy

The Obama administration's knee-jerk reaction to al Qaeda's attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was to minimize the threat. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that the attempted bombing was not connected to a larger terrorist plot. Business as usual, nothing to see here, move along, happy holidays. Published December 29, 2009

EDITORIAL: Greenbacks for green tech

Gosh, it would be nice if green technology made as much financial sense as it claims ecological sense. But even if you have billions of other people's dollars, wishing cannot make it so. That apparently is news to the Department of Energy, which spent $13 billion in fiscal 2009 on such efforts. Published December 28, 2009

EDITORIAL: Biased reporting on Climategate

With trillions of dollars at stake in the battle over global warming, now would be the time for the press to closely scrutinize the claims of those who would reorganize the world's economy from farm to factory and laboratory to living room. And the Climategate scandal - where leaked e-mails and dodgy computer programs from the University of East Anglia raise powerful new questions about the role of politics in climate science - would be the perfect opportunity to explore what is going on behind the scenes. Published December 28, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obamacare's dirty deals

President Obama claims Democrats "scored a big victory for the American people" with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's latest compromise health bill. That's only true if you believe petty bribery and protection money are the road to useful reform. Published December 27, 2009

EDITORIAL: Franken's loud enough, he's rude enough

When Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat, was a comedian, he was never that funny. Take the title of his book "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot" - that's some high-quality humor there. Clever, daring and yet so second grade. But when Minnesotans elected him to the Senate, Mr. Franken promised that those days were behind him and that he would work hard to win over his colleagues. So far, his presence in the Senate is making it a less civil place. If the old Mr. Franken were to write a book about it, the title might be "Al Franken Is a Dirty Rotten Liar." Published December 27, 2009

EDITORIAL: Iran's perfect storm

Today, the Islamic regime in Iran faces what could be a perfect storm. A respected opposition leader is being mourned, it is the most holy day of the year for Shiites, and the pro-democracy Green Movement is more energized and radicalized than ever. The spirit of liberation is alive and well. Published December 27, 2009

Top 5 Christmas movies

It's Christmastime! Once the cloud of wrapping paper and ribbons settles and everyone pushes back from the holiday table, here are five great Christmas movies to cap off the day: Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: The babe lying in a manger

In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be enrolled, each to his own city. Joseph went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child. Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: The house that Ruth built

Although the young woman was a stranger to Bethlehem, she arrived there in the company of a Bethlehem native. The residents did not know what to make of her and did not have room for her at first. But they recognized that her heart was pure - "a woman of noble character" - and treated her kindly. Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: The war on Christmas escalates

Mariah Jordat, 8, was reading her Bible during quiet time at Madison Park Elementary School in Oldbridge, N.J., when her teacher told her to put the book away. Mariah put her Bible under her desk, but that wasn't away enough. The teacher banished the book to the student's backpack. The persecution hurt her feelings and confused her, said Michelle Jordat, the little girl's mother. "Why would my teacher say that I can't read the Bible when I'm not bothering anybody else?" Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: A Christmas Armistice

The night closed in early - the ghostly shadows that haunt the trenches came to keep us company as we stood to arms. Under a pale moon, one could just see the grave-like rise of ground which marked the German trenches 200 yards away. Fires in the English lines had died down, and only the squelch of the sodden boots in the slushy mud, the whispered orders of the officers and the NCOs, and the moan of the wind broke the silence of the night. The soldiers' Christmas Eve had come at last, and it was hardly the time or place to feel grateful for it. Published December 24, 2009