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EDITORIAL: Voice of the mullahs

The Voice of America is becoming the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recent programming choices have revealed a creeping bias toward opponents of the pro-democracy movement and de facto supporters of the regime. This ill befits the VOA mission and the purpose of U.S. public diplomacy. Published April 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Crashing the Tea Party

A group named is planning on attending Tea Party rallies around the country tomorrow pretending to be party members. The strategy is to behave outrageously on Tax Day to provide fodder for the media, which likes to portray opponents to the Obama presidency as fringe radicals. The plot is part of the typical liberal playbook to silence opposition to the left-wing agenda. Published April 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: A Lexus for every lawmaker

With a huge Tax Day rally planned for Washington's Freedom Plaza Thursday and another quarter-million Americans already signed up to participate in the Online Tax Revolt (at, more evidence accumulates that taxpayers have good reason to be angry. Published April 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Congress' financial mess

For years, the Federal Reserve, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae caused banks to make high-risk mortgages to borrowers who couldn't afford them. On Wednesday, in testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, former longtime Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan finally pinpointed who instigated this risky behavior: Congress. Published April 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: The Party of Nobama

As President Obama and the Democratic Party continue to sink in national opinion polls, they have begun to lash out at Published April 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: Losing it in space

Pity poor NASA. Rather than reaching toward the stars, America's premier scientific organization has settled its sights on studying shrimp schools beneath the Antarctic ice cap and sticky accelerators on Toyotas. Such is the scope of hope and change in President Obama's universe. Published April 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: Don't rush to judgeship for Liu

The hypocrisy of Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick J. Leahy knows no bounds. The Vermont Democrat insists on expediting a hearing for the wildly leftist, fundamentally dishonest appellate court nominee Goodwin Liu before committee members have received adequate access to Mr. Liu's records. Throughout his career, Sen. Leahy has insisted on seeing - and sometimes leaking - records that properly should remain private. Yet in this case, concerning records everybody agrees should be public, the senator acts as if they are irrelevant. Published April 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: Stupak's final retreat

After selling out, Rep. Bart Stupak is walking out. The Michigan Democrat who tried to pass himself off as pro-life announced Friday that he no longer seeks re-election. It's understandable that Mr. Stupak is unwilling to face voters in his working-class Upper Peninsula district after casting a decisive vote in favor of a nationalized health care plan that would allow, with the stroke of the president's pen, millions of abortions at public expense. Published April 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Freeways are the solution to congestion

As is the case in major metropolitan areas throughout the country, congestion plagues Northern Virginia. The constant traffic snarls impede business, pollute the environment and generally make living in the region an unpleasant experience. Published April 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Goodbye to another unprincipled Democrat

Rep. Bart Stupak's announcement today that he will not seek re-election is no big surprise. The Michigan Democrat dug himself into a deep political hole and and couldn't climb out of it. Mr. Stupak repeatedly vowed that he would never vote for government-funded abortion. When he sold out that principle, the whole country - including his vast rural district - knew he singlehandedly pushed Obamacare over the top for passage. Published April 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Congress is derelict on Black Panther case

In the matter of a voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party, it's long past time for Democrats on the House and Senate Judiciary committees to start protecting the institutional powers of Congress and of independent agencies. Published April 9, 2010

Political Scene

CALIFORNIA: Bill would create annual Reagan Day Published April 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's false START

The nuclear arms control agreement signed with Russia yesterday in Prague is a pale cousin to the treaties concluded at the height of the Cold War, when the stakes were higher and the risks greater. Published April 9, 2010

Political Scene

SENATE: FBI arrests man for Pelosi threats Published April 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's jihad on 'jihad'

President Obama's latest strategic innovation in the war on terrorism is to ignore jihad and maybe it will go away. Published April 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: More fraud in Ecuador?

The plaintiffs in a $27 billion shakedown of Chevron Corp. have been embarrassed by a disclosure that further undermines their case over environmental claims in Ecuador. The Obama administration ought to use diplomatic weight to support this American company fighting foreign shenanigans. Published April 8, 2010