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EDITORIAL: Global warming snow job

Record snowfall illustrates the obvious: The global warming fraud is without equal in modern science. Published February 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Rotten to the AmeriCorps

Among the most wasteful of the spending increases hidden in President Obama's 2011 budget proposal is his plan to create an army of government-funded community organizers at the shocking price of $1.4 billion. While the economy reels and many taxpayers are looking for ways to trim their personal spending, the president is demanding a whopping 59 percent boost for the Corporation for National and Community Service and its best-known program, AmeriCorps. It's time to pull the plug on both. Published February 10, 2010

EDITORIAL: Radar love

Are traffic tickets designed to improve road safety or boost revenue? On Tuesday, the Virginia House of Delegates took a historic first step by voting to dump the commonwealth's ban on radar detectors. No other state in the nation prohibits the use of devices that warn drivers when radar or laser speed guns are in use. The District is the only other jurisdiction that insists on continuing the electronic equivalent of having cops hide in the bushes. Published February 10, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's perpetual campaign mode

President Obama's promise to usher in a "new kind of politics" is nothing new, and it hasn't changed anything inside the Beltway. During his State of the Union address, Mr. Obama said, "We cannot wage a perpetual campaign," and he made the same point when he criticized House Republicans at their Jan. 28 meeting in Baltimore, but that's exactly what his White House team is doing. It's not working. Published February 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Fudging jobless statistics

Last week's new unemployment numbers were bittersweet. At the same time the Bureau of Labor Statistics was declaring that the unemployment rate had declined slightly, to 9.7 percent, the government also was announcing that the economy had lost about 824,000 more jobs during the recession from April 2008 to March 2009 than Americans previously had been told. If this sounds like bureaucratic doublespeak, it is. Published February 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Caged Panther investigation

In their bid to protect President Obama's liberal political appointees at the Justice Department, congressional Democrats are surrendering their responsibility to keep a presidential administration honest. Published February 9, 2010

EDITORIAL: Free the Baptist 10 in Haiti

Government officials in Haiti have picked a fine time to start taking charge of their forlorn nation. Like Keystone Kops arriving late to the scene of a bank robbery and collaring a good Samaritan pursuing the robber rather than the perpetrator, Haitian authorities have arrested 10 American Baptist missionaries attempting to help their earthquake-devastated country. Governance, thy name is incompetence. Published February 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: A deficit avalanche

Even more staggering than the mountains of snow in the capital are the deficits the Obama administration plans for the next decade. Huge spending increases will add about $12 trillion to the national debt for budget years 2009 to 2020. The scariest part is that these deficits are based on unrealistic budgeting assumptions; the real fiscal outlook is much bleaker. Published February 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: Snowmageddon is nigh

As Washington digs itself out from under the Snowpocalypse, the region braces for yet more flurries. At least 18 inches of snow lie on the ground at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and some places were blanketed under as much as three feet. More arctic blasts this week could drive 2010 into the history books as the capital's snowiest winter ever. Published February 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: Budget Buster Express

Members of Congress must feel a bit shortchanged by the amount of playtime they received during childhood. Their ongoing fascination with one of the world's most expensive model-train sets, Amtrak, otherwise defies explanation. Politicians continue to treat the heavily subsidized operation more like a prized toy than a solid business operation. The time has come to stop shoveling money into this runaway choo-choo. Published February 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's outrageous bank tax

The Obama administration has some pretty lame justifications for more taxes. Take its continued push for new taxes on banks. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner told the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday that the tax should be passed because it will help recoup the "outrageous" bonuses for AIG employees. Published February 6, 2010

EDITORIAL: Pull U.S. troops out of Haiti

It is time to start bringing our troops home from Haiti. The earthquake is over; order is restored; the star-studded benefit songs have been recorded. When the emergency ends and reconstruction begins, the mission should be handed off to other government departments, and the fighting forces should depart. Published February 5, 2010

Briefly: Asia

INDIA: New bilateral talks offered to Pakistan Published February 5, 2010

EDITORIAL: Making health insurance less competitive

The House of Representatives is set to vote next week on a bill to strip health insurance companies of their limited antitrust exemption. This would undermine competitiveness in the market. Published February 4, 2010

EDITORIAL: Maryland's moneymaking fake school zones

Lawmakers around the country are turning to speed cameras to mask the deficits caused by their reckless spending. This is a misuse of the police power to raise revenue for big government. Published February 4, 2010

EDITORIAL: Holder's ignorance

The U.S. attorney general should read up on the history of terrorism. He might learn something. Published February 4, 2010

EDITORIAL: Kill the Universal Service Fund

If you're using a telephone, you're an enabler for Washington's uncontrolled spending habit. A cryptic line variously labeled as a "Federal Universal Service Fee" or "Universal Connectivity Fee" lurks within the monthly bill for most communications services. This tax feeds nearly $7.7 billion into the Universal Service Fund (USF) every year. It's time to end this tremendous waste of money. Published February 3, 2010

EDITORIAL: Seating Sen. Brown

During the Massachusetts special election, some Democrats briefly raised the possibility of delaying the seating of Scott Brown if he were to win. Democrats quickly backed down and disavowed this threat, realizing that a backlash was building against their heavy-handed tactics. Until yesterday, it looked clear that Democrats were indeed doing just that - delaying Scott Brown's appointment as long as possible while Senate Democrats rushed through legislation and nominations in the last hours they controlled a filibuster-proof majority. Assuming no last-minute problems, that should end today. Published February 3, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama disappoints gays again

Homosexuals waiting to serve openly in the armed forces will have to keep waiting. President Obama is effectively putting this issue to bed until after the November elections. Published February 3, 2010

EDITORIAL: Outrageous judicial pick still requires scrutiny

Tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on five of President Obama's controversial court-and-justice nominees. Among them is federal district court nominee Edward Chen of Northern California, whose radical agenda has not been fully exposed and requires further public hearings rather than a vote. Published February 3, 2010