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EDITORIAL: The war on Christmas escalates

Mariah Jordat, 8, was reading her Bible during quiet time at Madison Park Elementary School in Oldbridge, N.J., when her teacher told her to put the book away. Mariah put her Bible under her desk, but that wasn't away enough. The teacher banished the book to the student's backpack. The persecution hurt her feelings and confused her, said Michelle Jordat, the little girl's mother. "Why would my teacher say that I can't read the Bible when I'm not bothering anybody else?" Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: The house that Ruth built

Although the young woman was a stranger to Bethlehem, she arrived there in the company of a Bethlehem native. The residents did not know what to make of her and did not have room for her at first. But they recognized that her heart was pure - "a woman of noble character" - and treated her kindly. Published December 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: A Christmas Armistice

The night closed in early - the ghostly shadows that haunt the trenches came to keep us company as we stood to arms. Under a pale moon, one could just see the grave-like rise of ground which marked the German trenches 200 yards away. Fires in the English lines had died down, and only the squelch of the sodden boots in the slushy mud, the whispered orders of the officers and the NCOs, and the moan of the wind broke the silence of the night. The soldiers' Christmas Eve had come at last, and it was hardly the time or place to feel grateful for it. Published December 24, 2009

America's Morning News

In case you didn't tune into The Washington Times' nationally syndicated radio show "America's Morning News" -- heard in Washington on WTNT-AM 570 and coast-to-coast via the Talk Radio Network -- here's what just three of Wednesday's guests told co-hosts John McCaslin and Dana Mills, who filled in for a vacationing Melanie Morgan: Published December 24, 2009

EDITORIAL: Christmastime during war

Fellow workers in the cause of freedom: I have the honor to add a pendant to the necklace of that Christmas goodwill and kindliness with which my illustrious friend the president has encircled the homes and families of the United States by his message of Christmas Eve, which he just delivered. Published December 24, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obama the party crasher

Barack Obama is not used to being the guy not invited to a party. At the Copenhagen global warming conference, however, he found that not everyone wanted to hang with him. Our president can't take a hint. Published December 23, 2009

EDITORIAL: Put Whitehouse in the doghouse

What is appropriate in protecting the White House should be appropriate in protection from Whitehouse. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, that is. The Democrat from Rhode Island said words on the Senate floor on Sunday that should be struck down, and for which he ought to be officially chastised. Published December 23, 2009

EDITORIAL: Kneecapping financial bosses

President Obama knows how to stage a show. On Dec. 14, he trotted out 10 CEOs of America's largest financial institutions and watched the executives disown the actions of their lobbyists who had been working to defeat the president's massive regulatory takeover of the financial industry. The scene smelled fishier than research at last week's climate change conference in Denmark. Published December 23, 2009

America's Morning News

In case you didn't tune into The Washington Times' nationally syndicated radio show, "America's Morning News" -- heard in Washington on WTNT-AM 570 and coast-to-coast via the Talk Radio Network -- here's what three of Monday's guests told host John McCaslin: Published December 22, 2009

EDITORIAL: Judicial hellholes

A new report on "Judicial Hellholes" arrives just in time, albeit indirectly, to remind Congress that no health-system changes can qualify as real "reform" if they don't include serious lawsuit reforms as well. Published December 22, 2009

EDITORIAL: Not going postal

Last-minute shoppers, beware. If you are running behind in mailing Christmas gifts to loved ones, and you absolutely, positively need your packages to arrive on time, it's safest to avoid the post office. The U.S. Postal Service is so slow that even a fruit cake could decompose before making it to its intended recipient. Published December 22, 2009

CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Teen's death tied to 'sexting'

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." That idiom is being cast aside as more and more youths use their cell phones and the Internet to cast aspersions. The consequences can be a life-and-death matter. Published December 21, 2009

EDITORIAL: What is Obama smoking?

Apparently, the debate over the economy is over, and it's settled science that government spending stimulates growth. At least that's what President Obama wants you to believe. On CBS' "60 Minutes" on Dec. 13, he boasted, "What we now know, and every economist who's looked at it will acknowledge this, is that [the stimulus] helped us [stem] the panic and get the economy growing again." Mr. Obama's exaggerations are starting to sound a lot like Al Gore's claimed "consensus" about global warming - a formerly hot topic that has cooled down recently. Published December 21, 2009

EDITORIAL: Obama's failing grades

President Obama told Oprah Winfrey that he deserves a "solid B-plus" for his accomplishments as president so far, and that if health care reform passes, that would raise his grade to an A-minus. This is bold talk from a man who has made history by achieving the lowest approval rating of any modern president at this point in his presidency. But if you like a government-run economy, astronomical deficits and a weakened America, you may well give Mr. Obama high marks. Published December 21, 2009


The D.C. schools chief and the mayor of Sacramento have more in common than being engaged to each other. Published December 21, 2009

EDITORIAL: The green dictatorship

Last week's Copenhagen summit surrendered all pretense to significance when it turned into a showcase for dictators' attempts to greenwash their bloody regimes. Granting the spotlight to the tyrannical trio of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez so they could express their profound concern for Mother Earth is like asking former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his prostitute Ashley Dupre to propound upon the state of marriage. Published December 20, 2009

EDITORIAL: Carbon class warfare

The United States was bashed a lot over the last two weeks at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. But those who believe in man-made global warming should have some praise for the Land of the Free because Americans are comparatively clean. Published December 20, 2009