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EDITORIAL: Obama's loose grip on reality

President Obama's response to the catastrophic political failures of his freshman year in office is to fight harder for more of the same. Presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett made the point explicitly on Sunday, asserting that the White House is "not hitting a reset button at all." That reflects the kind of political savvy that handed the safest Democratic Senate seat in America to a Republican. Published January 26, 2010

EDITORIAL: Hypocrisy on influence peddling

President Obama angrily denounced the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision in favor of free speech multiple times last week. In that case, the government sought the power to ban movies and books that mention candidate names within 60 days of an election. Mr. Obama and proponents of campaign finance reform believe such censorship is necessary to regulate money spent on elections. Published January 26, 2010

EDITORIAL: The land of the 'mostly free'

The results are in: The Obama presidency and the Democratic Congress have made the United States less economically free. That means our prosperity is endangered. Published January 26, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's demonization of banks

President Obama has decided to take on the banking industry with the most intrusive regulatory and tax package since the New Deal of the 1930s. If the president's failed freshman year didn't convince the O Force of his own fallibility, confronting Wall Street should bring him back down to Earth. Published January 25, 2010

EDITORIAL: Faux health reform

Democrats are in turmoil. In the wake of last week's Republican Senate victory in liberal Massachusetts, there's no agreement about what to do with the government health care bill. A dazed Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted she didn't have the votes to pass it in the House, but House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin still seem determined to ram it through. Published January 25, 2010

EDITORIAL: Thank Allah it's Friday

Using the word Allah can be hazardous to your health. Catholic churches in Malaysia are being firebombed after a court ruling in that country permitted the use of the word Allah as a generic term for God. Some adherents of the religion of peace are pushing back hard against any notion of a vanilla Allah. Published January 22, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama appointee: Freedom is exaggerated

Yesterday's huge Supreme Court victory for free-speech rights in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission serves as a warning to the Obama administration on other speech-related issues. Several Obama appointees have denigrated the importance of the First Amendment, and one presidential appointee, Mark Lloyd, holds views fundamentally at odds with the Supreme Court and America's whole tradition of protecting free speech. Published January 22, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama team pushes quotas

Far from being a "post-racial" presidency, the Obama administration continues to pick the scab of racial discord. The prime culprit is the heavily politicized Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, which under the Obama team won't act to protect the civil rights of white Americans but insists on finding white racism where it doesn't exist. Published January 22, 2010

EDITORIAL: Massachusetts, a swing state

Republican Scott Brown's historic come-from-behind senatorial victory in the Democratic bastion of Massachusetts sends a clear message to the party in power: Stop what you are doing or face the consequences. President Obama's big-government agenda accomplished the unimaginable - it made liberal Massachusetts a swing state. Published January 21, 2010

EDITORIAL: Stinking up Congress

Forget fish in a barrel. Identifying ridiculous examples of congressional spending priorities is like shooting pigs in a slop pen. Published January 21, 2010

EDITORIAL: More government won't work

Government is bigger than ever and controls more aspects of American life than at any time in U.S. history. Last year, the federal government ate $3.52 trillion out of a $13.2 trillion economy. With the current trajectory of big government under the Democrats, the federal bureaucracy will devour as much as 50 percent of this nation's economic activity by midcentury. To illustrate how wasteful that is, take a look at the empty space above this editorial. That's what government creates - nothing. Published January 20, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's record of broken promises

During his first year in office, President Obama has broken dozens of promises. President George H.W. Bush broke his famous campaign promise, "Read my lips - no new taxes," and he paid the political price when voters decided against re-electing him in 1992. Mr. Obama's broken promises make the elder Mr. Bush look like the model of political fidelity by comparison. Below are a few examples of Mr. Obama's broken promises regarding the size and role of government. Published January 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: When equal opportunity kills

The Defense Department continues to duck the hard questions about the Fort Hood massacre. As many as eight Army officers might take the fall for not reporting Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's abnormal behavior in the years leading up to his Nov. 5 terrorist rampage. But as Bill Gertz reported yesterday on the front page of The Washington Times, fear of being perceived as insensitive played a critical role in those officers keeping Maj. Hasan in the force. There's no sign the military's politically correct climate is about to change. Published January 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Blocking inspectors general

The Obama administration needs to learn that inspectors general aren't the enemy. Last year, Congress looked into five reports of possible political interference with the work of these quasi-independent watchdogs, and now a sixth IG is complaining about political strong-arm tactics. Published January 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Panther politics

The Justice Department insists that only "career employees" made a controversial decision last May to drop voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party. An analysis by The Washington Times, however, suggests good reason to ask if the White House itself interfered in the case. Published January 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Annotated Panther timeline

The question all along, just as it had been with the Bush Justice Department, has been whether the Obama Justice Department interfered with ongoing investigations for political reasons, and whether that interference came from the White House itself. The Washington Times superimposed the known timeline of decisions on the Black Panther case with White House visitor logs. Here's what we found: Published January 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama is killing the economy

Barack Obama has the worst budget record of any president in American history. White House budget office spokesman Tom Gavin claimed "a very strong beginning" for the president's purported first-year attempts at controlling spending - for example, zeroing out a $17 million program for work incentive grants. But such paltry efforts are round-off numbers compared to the gush of red ink created by President Obama and congressional Democrats. This government is setting the United States on an inevitable path to permanent debtor status. Published January 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Bank diversification apologia

Congress is trying to limit what investments banks can make. Half-baked bureaucratic interference will make the financial sector more volatile. Published January 18, 2010