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President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in the Brady Press briefing room at the White House, in Washington, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The view from Pluto

Any doubts about whether President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and their aides had taken up residence on another rock in the universe -- perhaps Pluto, which recently lost its status as a planet -- vanished with the arrival of a State Department report on American foreign-policy "successes" of 2015. Published December 29, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson poses for a photograph before speaking with The Associated Press in his home in Upperco, Md., Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

No place that's home

The warm and comfortable feeling of "home" is partly a state of mind, but it's as tangible as the familiar squeak of a front door or the welcoming hug of a loved one. The man bereft of the sights and sounds of home is a restless soul, never knowing the affirmation of belonging in a place "where everybody knows your name." For many Americans, the land of the free and the home of the brave doesn't feel much like home anymore. Published December 29, 2015

Associated Press

Of women, hair and shoes

Women, God love 'em, have always been obsessed by what they wear at head and foot: hair and shoes. They're very particular, which pleases men, inappropriate as that might be. Compliments offend some women today, but they're still universally particular about their hair and their shoes. There's never enough time to deal with either one. Published December 28, 2015

U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Associated Press)

Guantanamo and common sense

There's grumbling at Guantanamo, the lawyers tell the London Guardian. The remaining prisoners are miffed at President Obama because they think he's not doing enough to spring them before he returns to organize the Chicago community, which sorely needs it. Published December 28, 2015

Ryan a sell-out

Last week's massive budget deal, brokered and pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, delivers one clear message to the public: Our government is corrupt. Published December 28, 2015

Reverse course on blood-ban move

After years of lobbying by homosexual activists, the Obama administration, via the Food and Drug Administration, is trying to sneak an irrational and irresponsible policy change by the public. Published December 28, 2015

The Utah Red Hills Renewable Park. (PRNewsFoto/Scatec Solar North America)

Subsidizing the sun

Sunshine is free but solar power isn't. American taxpayers have been subsidizing the cost of turning sunlight into electricity for a decade, and just as the sun was beginning to set on life support, the solar industry prevailed in a plea for more government welfare. Lawmakers could have held the feet of the welfare kings and queens to the fire and forced it to compete on a level playing field, but crony capitalism thrives on Capitol Hill. Published December 27, 2015

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (Associated Press)

Feeling good is only temporary

Feeling good about themselves, and not self-preservation, is the first instinct that drives a lot of unwary politicians on the left. Last week Attorney General Mark Herring of Virginia announced that the commonwealth would no longer grant reciprocity to residents of 25 other states who are allowed by their states to carry a concealed gun. Published December 27, 2015

In 2016, vote for strength, prosperity

Donald Trump is a loose cannon, exploiting American angst, and he is oblivious to Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression. Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama are the team that disassembled the Middle East and abandoned Israel, Ukraine and NATO, while surrendering to terrorism. Published December 27, 2015

Christian Syrians not 'refugee' enough?

The indifference and ineptitude shown by immigration policies and the State Department to Jewish refugees during World War II is again rearing its ugly head: this time with regard to Syrian-Christian refugees. Published December 27, 2015

Winston Churchill (Associated Press)

A Christmas wish for peace

I spend this anniversary and festival far from my country, far from my family, yet I cannot truthfully say that I feel far from home. Whether it be the ties of blood on my mothers side, or the friendships I have developed here over many years of active life, or the commanding sentiment of comradeship in the common cause of great peoples who speak the same language, who kneel at the same altars and, to a very large extent, pursue the same ideals, I cannot feel myself a stranger here in the centre and at the summit of the United States. I feel a sense of unity and fraternal association which, added to the kindliness of your welcome, convinces me that I have a right to sit at your fireside and share your Christmas joys. Published December 23, 2015

Clinton no benevolent figure

Hillary Clinton's blaming of Donald Trump for helping to recruit more Islamic State members ignores the fact that she and President Obama armed that terror group, help kill nine innocent Pakistanis for every bad guy Pakistan kills with our Predator drones, and paid $100,000 in ads to spread lies about a lame video after she allowed four of our people to die in Benghazi. Published December 22, 2015

President Barack Obama gestures as he speaks during a news conference in the Brady Press briefing room at the White House, in Washington, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Obama's conflicting foreign policies

Barack Obama seems to have not one, but two foreign policies, just when everyone thought he had none. He runs one out of the White House, and the other out of the Pentagon. Or maybe there's a third foreign policy from Foggy Bottom. Published December 22, 2015

En route to a "Brave New World"?

Recent tragic events have deepened worries about terrorists and how we should cope with the evil and the deranged in order to safeguard our security and freedom. Sadly the president's first response to the callous carnage in San Bernardino, Calif., was for more federal gun control — even though such a plan would only have further aborted our ability to defend ourselves and our families. Published December 22, 2015

In this Dec. 19, 2015, photo. Hillary Clinton speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. Using a savvy social media campaign, in-person pleas and pithy T-shirts, three Iowa high school students have successfully lobbied Clinton to visit their small town. Clinton will appear Dec. 22 in Keota, a town of about a thousand people in southeast Iowa. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

How loose lips sink a ship

Donald Trump, with his usual delicacy and tact, calls Hillary Clinton a "liar," and her own words prove it. She has a habit, to the fear and fury of her campaign, of saying whatever pops into her pretty head, with no thought whether it's true, sort of true, could be true, or she merely wishes were true. It's a dangerous habit that can sink a ship, or a presidential campaign. Published December 22, 2015

Under Obama, U.S. world's lousy parent

Children of parents who are their kids' friends first and allow their offspring free reign, unchecked and without consequence, usually end up uneducated, lazy, unruly, incapable of self-sufficiency, and with no respect for their parents. Published December 21, 2015

God helps those helping the world

The New York Daily News and like-minded leftists who have delcared that 'God isn't fixing this' are correct. Aside from miracles, God uses human beings to accomplish His goals and plans here on Earth. However, He does not use those who assert that His power and grace are of no help or are non-existent. Indeed, God's grace is non-existent for these faithless individuals, who will continue to be useless in helping to fix the world. Published December 21, 2015

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a media conference at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. European Union heads of state met Thursday to discuss, among other issues, the current migration crisis and terrorism. (AP Photo/Francois Walschaerts)

European compromise in the air

Chancellor Angela Merkel has often been the adult in the European Union, but her early open arms for the waves of migrants seems now be a welcome mat too far. The Hungarians and the Poles, for two important member states, have different ideas, preferring not to take the share of migrants that Frau Merkel thinks they should. Published December 21, 2015

President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

When factoids rule

All presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, trim the facts and coin an occasional "factoid," Norman Mailer's memorable description of something that looks like a fact, sounds like a fact, but in fact is not a fact. Barack Obama has raised the art to science. Published December 21, 2015

Trial results show improvement

While David Muhlhausen is right to highlight the complicated relationship between employment and recidivism for ex-offenders, his reading of the randomized control trial results from the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) misses the mark ("From jail to jobs: Why aren't these programs working?" Web, Dec. 14). Published December 20, 2015