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Thom Loverro

Articles by Thom Loverro

LOVERRO: Smoltz is last of dying breed

Washington fans, watch John Smoltz closely Thursday night when he makes his first start in a Boston Red Sox uniform. He is the last dinosaur, the one surviving member of a species that dominated the pitching mounds of major league fields for more than 20 years. Published June 25, 2009

Loverro: Stench of Bowden era makes judgment unfair

When the Toronto Blue Jays, in the District to play a three-game series against the Nationals starting Friday night, used to play this franchise in its former life as the Montreal Expos, it was touted as a Canadian rivalry. As if the French-speaking province of Quebec, where trying to secede from Canada was a sport of its own, needed a baseball game to fuel bitter feelings. Published June 20, 2009

Loverro: Relieving pressure

With all the hoopla surrounding the Washington Nationals drafting can't-miss super prospect pitcher Stephen Strasburg, it's worth noting the cautionary tale of Clint Everts. Published June 18, 2009

LOVERRO: It's not exactly observe and report for Dibble

Rob Dibble will tell you that he is just an "observer" when he does the color analysis on Washington Nationals telecasts. He is "just a guy sitting up [in the booth] watching it like everybody else." Published June 15, 2009

LOVERRO: $50 million? Boras must be 'raving' mad

Maybe Scott Boras thinks he is going to get a figure approaching $50 million from the Washington Nationals for No. 1 draft choice Stephen Strasburg. And maybe he thinks the streets here in the District are paved with gold, fans fill the ballpark every night and Nationals Park has become an international destination spot. Published June 13, 2009

LOVERRO: In this town, it's still easy being Green

Darrell Green stood on the mound Friday night at Nationals Park and showed the sort of athletic confidence that made him a Hall of Fame cornerback and helped him excel for 20 years in the NFL. Published June 6, 2009

LOVERRO: Nats cursed until Teddy is first

Before the Washington Nationals do anything else - certainly before they enter next week's draft and pick Stephen Strasburg - they have to do one thing. It is a top priority. Nothing else is more important. Published June 4, 2009

LOVERRO: Young arms need grown-up guidance

With four months remaining in this season, Washington Nationals fans already have accepted that they once again must suffer in the present and look to the future. Published May 30, 2009

LOVERRO: D.C. finds itself entering Steroid Zone

Of course the Washington Nationals have been implicated in a steroids controversy. It was the Seventh Sign, the missing piece of Nightmare on South Capitol Street. Published May 28, 2009