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Thom Loverro

Articles by Thom Loverro

THOM LOVERRO: Finding passion outside baseball

Michael Vick's lawyer hopes his client will be allowed to leave federal prison this month, where he is serving time on dogfighting charges, and move on to a halfway house. Published January 4, 2009

THOM LOVERRO: Rookies headline a wild weekend

What could be more far-fetched than to predict that three of the four rookie coaches in the NFL would lead their teams to the playoffs this season? Published January 3, 2009

LOVERRO: Finish strong, then go home

It's tough to figure what the right move is for the Redskins when they play a meaningless final game of the season Sunday in San Francisco against the 49ers. Published December 27, 2008

LOVERRO: Teixeira chase is a big step forward

Well, they won't love local boy Mark Teixeira anymore in Baltimore after the word came down Tuesday that he agreed to sign with the hated New York Yankees. Published December 24, 2008

Teixeira, Yankees make deal?

Reports: Yankees, free agent first baseman agree on eight-year, $180 million contract. Published December 23, 2008

Thom Loverro: A win in the worst way

The way the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles played offense Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field, you easily could have named this final home game "The Worst Coach in America" Bowl. Published December 22, 2008

Thom Loverro: Giants aren't team that shoots itself

You know what it is in the NFL when one of the best offensive players shoots himself in a nightclub and his teammate and team's defensive leader is implicated with getting rid of the gun? Published December 1, 2008

LOVERRO: Granting power before BALCO

Tower of Power came out of California in the late 1960s with a wall of sound created by one the best horn bands of the era - a funk sound ahead of its time. Published November 22, 2008

THOM LOVERRO: A spectacle that's a sweeter science

A former NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion will battle a four-time national Greco-Roman wrestling champion Saturday night, and 12,000 people will pay big bucks to watch it happen live at the Mandalay Bay arena in Las Vegas. Published November 15, 2008

Thom Loverro: A lovely welcome for Kolzig

The night at Verizon Center began pretty much as expected for a sports icon in an opposing uniform returning to the city that identified with Olie Kolzig for so long. Published November 11, 2008