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Tom Howell Jr.

Tom Howell Jr.

Tom Howell Jr. covers politics for The Washington Times. He can be reached at

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal rejects GOP talk of impeaching Obama

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he disagrees with many of President Obama's policies, notably Obamacare, but it's not time to talk about kicking the president out of the White House through the impeachment process. Published August 25, 2013

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during the leadership forum at the National Rifle Association's annual convention on Friday, May 3, 2013, in Houston. (AP Photo/Steve Ueckert)

La. Gov. Bobby Jindal: Talk of Obama impeachment is misguided

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he disagrees with many of President Obama's policies, notably Obamacare, but it's not time to talk about kicking the president out of the White House through the impeachment process. Published August 25, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. waves to supporters on Aug. 28, 1963, in what he called "the greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of the United States."
Martin Luther King was assassinated on 04 April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray confessed to shooting King and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. King's killing sent shock waves through American society at the time, and is still regarded as a landmark event in recent US history. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images) (Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

Advocates for gay, immigrant rights march in footsteps of blacks

Organizers are turning the 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington into far more than a history lesson — vowing to use the commemoration to push for voting rights, immigration reform and gay rights, and underscoring just how much the civil rights movement has transformed. Published August 22, 2013

** FILE ** Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services, leaves the podium after discussing the Affordable Care Act at a news conference in Atlanta on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Sebelius: Debate over health care law is 'over'

President Obama's top health official on Thursday said debate about the new health care law is "really over" and that it is time for Americans to reach out to the uninsured — particularly young adults and Latinos — to ensure its success. Published August 22, 2013

**FILE** President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius leave the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington on Feb. 10, 2012, after the president announced the revamp of his contraception policy requiring religious institutions to fully pay for birth control. (Associated Press)

Catholic U. revives fight against Obamacare contraception mandate

With the Obama administration's contraception mandate "bearing down," the Catholic University of America joined the Roman Catholic archbishop in the nation's capital in a renewed legal push to block enforcement of the provision that requires larger employers to insure birth control as part of their health plans. Published August 22, 2013

United Parcel Service driver Albert Palafox makes a delivery in Palo Alto, Calif. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

UPS dropping health coverage for working spouses

Citing in part the new health care law, the United Parcel Service said it will drop health coverage for about 15,000 working spouses of employees who are eligible for coverage from their own employers. Published August 21, 2013

**FILE** Rep. Phil Gingrey (center), Georgia Republican and obstetrician, speaks June 28, 2012, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington by the GOP Doctors Caucus in response to the Supreme Court ruling on President Obama's health care plan. (Associated Press)

Survey: Employer health plan costs rose modestly in 2012

A nonpartisan survey released Tuesday found that the cost of employer-based health plans grew a "modest" 5 percent for single coverage and 4 percent for families since last year, an indication the rate of increases to health costs is slowing as debate about the real-world impact of President Obama's health care law rages ahead of key implementation dates. Published August 20, 2013

**FILE** Linda Door of Laguna Beach, Calif., protests outside the United States Supreme Court in Washington on March 26, 2012, as the court begins hearing arguments on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care overhaul, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (Associated Press)

Obamacare opponents make last stand at town halls

A top conservative group on Monday launched a nationwide tour and a half-million-dollar ad campaign to whip up support for defunding Obamacare as a prerequisite for a deal on federal spending next month, a last-ditch effort to roll back the health care law before its principal features take effect. Published August 19, 2013

Sen. Mary L. Landrieu in an ad that riffs off the classic Nintendo game "Duck Hunt." (Courtesy of the National Republican Senatorial Committee)

GOP keeps needling Obamacare in key Senate states

Republican operatives over the weekend used field work for the mid-term elections to take a swipe at President Obama's health care law, while the president strongly condemned GOP criticism of his reforms as obstructionism of the highest order. Published August 18, 2013

President Obama (Associated Press)

Obama's radio address describes health insurance as a 'right'

President Obama on Saturday offered one of his strongest defenses to date of his signature domestic achievement, lambasting Republican critics of his health care law as obstructionists who are playing politics with the well-being and economic security of millions of Americans. Published August 17, 2013

**FILE** U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, Iowa Democrat, speaks in Dubuque, Iowa, on Oct. 29, 2010. (Associated Press)

New GOP ads hit Obamacare 'exemption,' Iowa congressman

The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Friday will take their first swipe at Democrats in the wake of an Obama administration decision to let federal lawmakers and their staffs keep the government subsidy that offsets much of their insurance premiums costs — even though they will enter state-based health exchanges under "Obamacare." Published August 16, 2013

New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner participates in a candidate's forum in New York on Aug. 13, 2013. (Associated Press)

NYC mayoral race tight, but Weiner lags behind the field

A new survey on the New York City mayoral race shows disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner continuing to slide, while Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is now neck-and-neck with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Published August 16, 2013