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Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson covers politics and the West from Denver. She can be reached at

Articles by Valerie Richardson

Online singles shun politics of dating

Singles searching to connect with soul mates via the Internet are more likely to admit that they are overweight on their online dating profiles than to acknowledge that they are active Republicans or Democrats, according to an extensive academic survey. Published September 13, 2011

Colorado State Sen. Rollie Heath (Associated Press)

A lonely Colo. legislator crusades to raise taxes

Any pol will tell you that there's no good time to try to sell a tax increase to voters, and that a period of deep economic uncertainty is even worse — unless that pol is Colorado state Sen. Rollie Heath, who insists there's no time like the present. Published September 7, 2011

Cain comes on strong out West

Herman Cain showed why he is outperforming more established candidates for the Republican presidential Sunday on his way to topping the field in the straw poll of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. Published July 31, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Perry slams Obama administration at conservative summit

Texas Gov. Rick Perry urged conservatives Friday to "push more liberals into the private sector" in the 2012 election — including the president — but the oft-mentioned potential presidential candidate declined to say whether he had decided to enter the race himself. Published July 29, 2011

For failed Obama nominee, a consolation prize

University of California at Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu was nominated Tuesday to the California Supreme Court, a scant two months after his candidacy for a federal judgeship was derailed by Republican objections to his left-leaning legal philosophy. Published July 26, 2011

Border hawk fights for job in Ariz. recall

He's an Arizona state senator who probably wouldn't be recognized on the street outside of Mesa, yet the recall election of Russell Pearce is poised to become the biggest race of the 2011 cycle. Published July 19, 2011

Colo. proposal would impose parameters on day care centers

A 98-page proposal to intensify regulations governing Colorado child care centers would require a previously unseen level of detail, including specifications for the number of crayons, paintbrushes and blocks per art kit, the racial composition of dolls and the number of nature scenes per classroom. Published July 13, 2011

Democrats lead GOP 2-0 in 2011 special elections

The score after two 2011 special congressional elections: Democrats 2, Republicans 0. But Republicans have a chance to even the score with two more special elections, both scheduled for Sept. 13. Published July 13, 2011

** FILE ** Craig Huey, the tea-party-backed Republican candidate in a special election for a U.S. House seat, talks with staff at Creative Direct Marketing Group in Torrance, Calif., in May 2011. (AP Photo/The Daily Breeze, Steve McCrank)

'Give Me Your Cash' may cost Calif. Democrat some votes

The hot issue of Tuesday's special runoff election for an open House seat in Los Angeles isn't the economy, immigration or Medicaid — it's gangs, thanks to what may be the most jaw-dropping political attack ad ever run. Published July 11, 2011