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Victor Davis Hanson

Articles by Victor Davis Hanson

HANSON: Global nervous breakdown?

Ancient thinkers from Thucydides to Cicero insisted money was the real source of military power and national influence. We have been reminded of that classical wisdom these last three weeks. Published October 5, 2008

HANSON: Dr. Frankenstein's Wall Street

When the mortgage bubble burst, Americans were "shocked" at how many Wall Street buccaneers had been gambling in a vast pyramid scheme with someone else's money. Paper fortunes were made buying and selling questionable subprime mortgages on the silly assumption that such gargantuan inside profiting would always expand - even as the number of homebuyers able to buy overpriced properties was shrinking. Published September 28, 2008

HANSON: Obama proves all too human

Many things Barack Obama did to soar past Hillary Clinton during the primaries now cause him problems as the general-election race tightens. Published September 21, 2008

HANSON: What was feminism?

The media went hysterical over Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and Republican nominee for vice president. She may have appeared to the public as an independent, capable professional woman, but to a particular elite she couldn't possibly be a real feminist or even a serious candidate. Published September 12, 2008

HANSON: Want a genuine change?

The 2008 presidential campaign is supposed to be a referendum on "change" — who brings it and who doesn't. Real change, however, hasn't yet proven to mean new politics. Published September 5, 2008

HANSON: Blame everyone but Russia

Everyone is distracted by the Olympics. The squabbling here on the campaign trail consumes the media. Two presidential candidates and a lame-duck president all are weighing in on foreign policy. No wonder Vladimir Putin thought it was a good time to invade Georgia. Published August 22, 2008