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  • BOOK REVIEW: Messy end of shah's regime

    Abbas Milani has taken on a hard task: to explain how and why the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (1919-1980) in Iran came to an inglorious and messy end.

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  • "They have shown a knack for using these kinds of crises to absolutely, brutally suppress the domestic opposition and create the kind of atmosphere where their suppression is legitimized and the opposition is either co-opted or marginalized."

    Iran will retaliate if attacked, but how? →

  • "I think the day after the attack, there will be a state of emergency declared, the regime will round up anyone who it thinks might potentially be sympathetic to this attack," said Abbas Milani, co-director of the Iran Democracy Project at the Hoover Institution.

    Iran will retaliate if attacked, but how? →

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