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The Afghan Air Force (Pashto:دافغانستان هوايۍ قوا ; Persian: قوای هوایی افغانستان), formerly the Afghan National Air Force, is a branch of the military of Afghanistan that is responsible for air defense and air warfare. It is divided into three wings, with the 1st Wing at Kabul, the 2nd Wing at Kandahar and the 3rd Wing south at Shindand in western Afghanistan. Lt. Gen. Mohammad Dawran serves as Chief of Staff of the Afghan Air Force. The command center of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) is located at Kabul International Airport and the Shindand Air Base in Herat Province serves as the main training area. - Source: Wikipedia

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  • An Afghan security men stands guard during a campaign rally in Paktiya province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, May 24, 2014. The campaign season for the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election kicked off on Thursday. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

    Afghan security forces poorly equipped to treat wounded: Pentagon

    As U.S. troops withdraw, Afghan security forces exhibit a stunning lack of ability for their own wounded, Pentagon report finds.

  • Afghan National Army and International Security Assistance Force personnel gather near a C-130 transport aircraft during a handover ceremony at the Afghan Air Force Base in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013. Afghanistan took delivery on Wednesday on two C-130 transport aircraft from the United States, part of an effort to give the country’s military the ability to better fight insurgents around the country. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

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    NATO intends to refine its ambitious plan to train a fully functional Afghan air force and focus only on the most critical military capabilities needed after the combat mission ends by December 2014, according to the head of the Afghan air training command for the Western alliance.

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    With only 18 months left to go before NATO ends its combat mission and much of its air support, coalition trainers are teaching the Afghan air force how to fly and maintain aircraft, and secure airfields as fast and as much as they can before coalition combat troops leave, along with much of its air power.

  • The Afghan air force is unable to conduct casualty evacuations from the battlefield or medical evacuations that provide advanced care during transport to treat the several hundred Afghan troops who are wounded on the battlefield each month. (Kristina Wong/The Washington Times)

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    The Afghan air force is far from ready to take over full combat responsibilities from NATO, as well as other key functions that support a modern air force.

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