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  • Ex-commission members chase a solution to runaway debt

    The leaders of the defunct White House debt commission Tuesday floated a new deficit-reduction plan and warned that President Obama's legacy is riding on his ability to rein in runaway government spending.

  • Bowles (AP photo)

    Simpson, Bowles say their debt panel plan is still the best option

    The leaders of the Simpson-Bowles commission are still shopping their 2-year-old, $4 trillion debt-reduction plan around Washington, and they say it is gaining enough traction to possibly form the basis for a bipartisan federal debt-cutting deal by year's end.

  • Obama unilaterally sets up deficit panel

    President Obama moved unilaterally Thursday to create a bipartisan commission to rein in unruly deficits after Congress rejected legislation providing a similar body with considerably more enforcement power.

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  • Erskine Bowles (right) and Alan K. Simpson, co-chairmen of President Obama's independent commission, said they are not sure whether they will have the supermajority of votes needed Friday to approve an aggressive deficit-reduction plan to submit to Congress.

  • "We took a big banana and threw it into the gorilla cage," Mr. Simpson told the panel. "The gorilla has picked it up and like they do, they peel it, play with it, but they will eat some."

    Debt commission falls short on test vote →

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