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  • Morozevich-Laznicka after 33...Qc4.

    SANDS: A great chess battle propels Novy Bor's European Cup win

    The European Club Cup, featuring teams (and a few hired guns) put together by clubs across the continent, has long been one of the strongest competitions of its kind.

  • SANDS: Dominguez Perez surprises with first-place finish in Greece

    It may be the best result by a Cuban star since the great world champion Jose Raoul Capablanca departed the scene: Cuban GM Lenier Dominguez Perez, a solid but not spectacular player on the elite scene, took sole first earlier this month at the FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Morozevich-Svidler after 16. Nb4.

    SANDS: Two top chess grandmasters fall in miniatures in Greece

    After a long weekend, let's go with a couple of really short games. In an age of vast game databases, computer-aided study and 25 move-deep opening theory, it's remarkable how even the world's very best players can get themselves into trouble before the game has barely begun.

  • Kramnik-Fressinet after 25. Rc3.

    SANDS: Top chess players in action at home and abroad

    It's an embarrassment of riches for a chess journalist these days, with not one but two major tournaments in progress across the pond and the U.S. championships gearing up to start in St. Louis later this week.

  • Morozevich-Nakamura after 24...Qe8.

    SANDS: Maryland hosts string of top chess events in July

    For two weeks and two days starting late next month, the Rockville Hilton will be the chess epicenter of the country as Maryland Chess Association officials plan five major events in the space of 16 days, including a strong open tournament featuring former U.S. champion Gata Kamsky and Potomac-based former world senior champ GM Larry Kaufman.

  • Galkin-Alekseev after 26...Rg7.

    SANDS: Tourney win is return to form for Morozevich

    In a welcome return to form for one of the world's most dynamic players, Russian GM Alexander Morozevich last month won the Russian Higher League Championship in Taganrog, Russia, earning a slot in the national championships to be held next month.

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