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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'My Salinger Year'

    "My Salinger Year" is a slightly fictionalized memoir of a year author Joanna Rakoff spent working for a top New York literary agency. It's 1996. She's just dropped out of graduate school because she wants to produce literature, not analyze it.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Astonish Me'

    Joan Joyce, the protagonist of "Astonish Me," loves ballet, and she is good at it: good enough to be in the corps de ballet of a prestigious New York company, but not good enough to be a soloist. Her fame as a dancer will rest on her role in helping Arslan Ruskov defect from the Soviet Union.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘As Sweet as Honey’

    Indira Ganesan's "Sweet as Honey" could be said to be about marriage, but like Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse," which supplies this novel's epigraphs, it is also about love and families and, ultimately, about the passage of time and the ways we experience it.

  • Winfrey picks Mathis' debut novel for book club

    Add another book for possible holiday gifts: Oprah Winfrey's latest 2.0 selection.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ’Dearie’

    Bob Spitz, a journalist and celebrity biographer (think the Beatles), met and developed a self-described crush on Julia Child on a trip with her across Sicily in 1992. He was writing about her for several magazines, and nothing was off the record. "She was exactly like her TV persona: warm, funny, outgoing, whip-smart, incorrigible, and most of all real."

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Seating Arrangements'

    Maggie Shipstead's debut novel, "Seating Arrangements," begins with Winn Van Meter leaving his lovely Connecticut house in a car packed with groceries and his daughter's wedding dress. He drives to the ferry to Waskege Island (which sounds a lot like Nantucket), where bride-to-be Daphne is preening and prepping for her wedding in the family's vacation home.

  • "I'm ready to start writing it now," biographer Robert A. Caro says of a planned fifth book on the life of Lyndon B. Johnson. (Associated Press)

    Caro's 4th LBJ book scheduled for May

    Robert A. Caro's quest to narrate the life of Lyndon B. Johnson, and document how Johnson handled and created political power, has lasted longer than LBJ's time in government.

  • Bill Clinton book on economy out in November

    For Bill Clinton, it is again the economy, stupid.

  • WikiLeaks chief memoir published, against his will

    A long-awaited memoir by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is finally being published _ without his approval.

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