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  • Challengers show ability to compete for dollars

    Some of the challengers in California's most competitive congressional races are showing strong fundraising for the first three months of the year, reinforcing how much an independent redistricting process has changed the political landscape and turned a handful of congressional seats into battlegrounds between the two parties.

  • Orly Taitz

    Laundry list California ballot has Feinstein, 23 others

    California voters can head to the movies Tuesday to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman," or turn up at the ballot box to see something not much different: "Dianne Feinstein and the 23 Dwarfs."

  • Fiorina

    Fiorina refuses to run as a moderate

    After Carly Fiorina won California's Republican Senate primary, many analysts expected her to shake off her conservative mantle and make a lunge for the moderate middle in the general election against liberal incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer. That's not how it has played out.

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