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  • Georgia explores medical marijuana options

    A bill to allow a form of medical marijuana in Georgia may have failed to become law this year, but Gov. Nathan Deal has pledged to look for other options to help families who believe cannabis oil could help ease their children's debilitating conditions.

  • Ga. House votes for legalizing medical marijuana

    Patients suffering from illnesses including cancer and seizures could take a form of medical marijuana under a plan that Georgia's state legislators backed Monday ahead of an important deadline that sorts out which bills go forward and which will likely fail for the year.

  • Several issues before lawmakers on Crossover Day

    Monday marks a key deadline as bills must pass either the House or Senate to remain active for the last 10 days of the session. Known as Crossover Day, it marks the 30th day of the 40-day session.

  • Medical marijuana bill faces key committee hearing

    A state lawmaker seeking to bring medical marijuana to Georgia under certain circumstances has revised his bill ahead of a key committee hearing Wednesday.

  • Medical marijuana bill passes key committee vote

    A bill to allow a type of medical marijuana in Georgia under certain circumstances passed a key committee vote Wednesday, keeping it alive as a major legislative deadline looms.

  • FILE - In a Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 file photo, medical marijuana advocate Barbara Kutchback, of Monroe, Ga., holds a photo of her 3-year-old granddaughter as she listens to other advocates tell of their children's suffering, after a bill to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes was introduced in the State House chamber, in Atlanta. Kutchback's granddaughter suffers from a rare epilepsy disease and they believe marijuana can help relieve her suffering.  In states where lawmakers are more likely to talk about the importance of Second Amendment rights and displays of the Ten Commandments, there is a serious effort underway to legalize medical marijuana. The push is gaining momentum in the Deep South, due in large part to heart-breaking stories of children suffering dozens of seizures a day whose parents say they would benefit from access to a type of cannabis oil.(AP Photo/John Amis, File)

    Medical marijuana gains traction in the Deep South

    Medical marijuana has been a non-starter in recent years in the Deep South, where many Republican lawmakers feared it could lead to widespread drug use and social ills. That now appears to be changing, with proposals to allow a form of medical marijuana gaining momentum in a handful of Southern states.

  • Medical marijuana advocates Shannon Cloud, left, from Smyrna, Ga., hugs Corey Lowe, as  Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, right, receives a congratulatory handshake after he introduced a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana after a Georgia Legislative session in the House chamber on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, in Atlanta. Both Cloud and Lowe have children suffering from disease and believe marijuana can help relieve their pain. (AP Photo/John Amis)

    GOP lawmaker introduces Ga. medical marijuana bill

    An effort to bring medical marijuana to Georgia under certain circumstances gained momentum Tuesday, as more than 80 lawmakers signed on to sponsor a bill introduced by a member of the Republican House leadership.

  • Ga. lawmaker to introduce medical marijuana bill

    A Republican state lawmaker says he plans to introduce a bill Tuesday that would establish a process for medical marijuana to be legally administered in Georgia under certain circumstances.

  • Ga. family fights for state medical marijuana law

    Haleigh Cox's seizure disorder makes all her days hard. She has up to 100 seizures a day. When her breathing stopped earlier this month, her mom, Janea Cox, thought she had lost her only child.

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  • "The governor has a smart team of lawyers around him and he has very smart advisers around him. I'm pretty confident that if something can be done, they will figure out a way to make it happen within the parameters of the law," Peake said.

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  • As a result, Georgia would need approval from the federal government to obtain the drug, and Peake said the National Institute on Drug Abuse is not currently growing any of the strains that would produce the cannabis oil.

    Georgia explores medical marijuana options →

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