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  • Should everyone parent the same way?

    A lot has been said about parenting and its link to a child’s later success in life. This suggests that some parents get it right and others do not. But does this mean that some cultural variations in parenting are better than others?

  • 'Tiger mom' stirs debate with list of religions, ethnic groups that succeed

    Controversial law professor/author Amy Chua sparked debate with "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Now she's back with a new book and list of groups — like Mormons and Jews — she believes most likely to succeed.

  • Illustration: Gaga and Chua

    FIELDS: Superstar meets supermom

    It's not easy to perfect a formula to encourage human aspiration, but two very different women in the headlines think they've done it. Lady Gaga, who just won a Grammy for best female pop vocal performance, and the Tiger Mother, whose controversial book on "parenting" became an instant best-seller, are cut from the same cloth to make a splashy costume. Both have cleverly manufactured a personal story, sensationalized its message and packaged it in a way that sells to the insecure, the overanxious and the ill at ease. Superstar meets supermom.

  • Clint Eastwood

    PRUDEN: The big banana is where you find it

    This is bad news for the Tiger Moms, but an academic credential isn't always the biggest banana in the bunch. The academic dropout, though nobody's role model, is sometimes the overachiever.

  • Rebecca Hagelin

    HAGELIN: Build children's character first

    The most effective character training is rooted in a strong parent-child relationship.

  • Illustration: Tiger by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    ZYWICKI: Roar of the lion father

    Among the chattering classes, Yale law profes- sor Amy Chua has sparked recent debate for her controversial new memoir on the virtues of her Chinese parenting style, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Released to less acclaim, but one hopes greater readership, is another essay on parenting, by Anthony Esolen: "Ten Ways To Destroy the Imagination of Your Child." If Ms. Chua's book stands as an indictment of modern American parenting from the perspective of a Chinese mother, Mr. Esolen's book is also an indictment of modern American parenting - but, ironically, for being insufficiently American.

  • Marybeth Hicks

    HICKS: Tiger mother the new grizzly

    She's opinionated. She's controversial. She's a grizzly mama. And her outspoken comments about certain Americans are generating Twitter memes and death threats.

  • Tiger mom's memoir meets ferocious roar

    A new memoir of bad-ass parenting, Chinese style, from a self-proclaimed tiger mother has unleashed a ferocious roar.

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