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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Smarter Bomb’

    On Nov. 20, toward the conclusion of the Hamas-Israel war, an Israeli Arab reportedly placed a bomb under a seat in a bus in Tel Aviv that was detonated by a remote-control cellphone. His West Bank cell had set off the bomb after he had gotten off the bus and escaped to his Arab village.

  • Inside martyrdom

    Anat Berko's "The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers" is one of the most revealing, compelling and insightful books written about Palestinian suicide bombers and the men who dispatch them on their missions. What distinguishes this book is the author's unique access to Palestinian prisoners who "failed" to carry out their suicide bombings or were arrested for organizing terrorist operations. This has enabled her to "open a window" into the inner world of these men and women.

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