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  • NY budget talks continue at Capitol, deadline near

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York's legislative leaders negotiated over property tax relief, charter schools and prekindergarten funding Monday with a budget deadline looming in a week.

  • Actress Nixon advocates for education in Albany

    Emmy award winning actress Cynthia Nixon is in Albany asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders to increase school aid in the state budget due April 1.

  • Cuomo warning employers on minimum wage compliance

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is warning employers that they can face fines, charges and civil or even criminal punishment for failing to comply with the state's minimum wage laws.

  • NYC mayor voices support for Dream Act in Albany

    A bill that would open state financial aid to students in the country illegally appeared dead following a narrow defeat in the Legislature, but growing support for New York's Dream Act has given advocates and lawmakers renewed hope it could be included in the final state budget.

  • Immigrants helped by NY Office for New Americans

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that the new Office for New Americans assisted more than 34,000 immigrants during its first year.

  • NY holds 'Veteran and Military Family Summit'

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promoted legislation to help disabled veterans during what was billed a "Veteran and Military Family Summit."

  • Protesters clog hall outside Cuomo's office

    A thick crowd of demonstrators chanting and cheering about education funding and other issues gathered outside Gov. Andrew Cuomo's offices in the state Capitol on Thursday, showing at least a temporary resurgence of Albany's Occupy movement and attracting state troopers who began trying to clear the hallway and arrested dozens.

  • Education issues prominent in NY budget talks

    The budget being negotiated in Albany will establish not only how much state aid school districts will receive, but it also could affect the age many kids start going to school, when they begin standardized tests and even influence whether they go to public or private school.

  • Cuomo pushes tax freeze as budget deadline nears

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to tout his property tax freeze as a priority in budget negotiations Thursday but said he is getting resistance from lawmakers.

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