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  • Melissa Leo star as Alice in Paramount Pictures' "The Fighter."

    Culture Briefs

    "Bouffant-haired, improbably slim after having borne nine children (!), Melissa Leo's Alice in 'The Fighter' reminded me of James Joyce's description of Ireland — 'The old sow that eats her farrow,'" writes Joyce Carol Oates at the New York Review of Books.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Identity Man'

    In his most recent works of fiction, novelist and screenwriter Andrew Klavan has infused the characters within his complex, well-plotted thrillers with a sense of what it means to be a moral agent: a man or woman who daily faces myriad choices for good or for ill.

Andrew Klavan's latest book "The Last Thing I Remember."

    BOOKS: High school thriller goes patriotic

    Andrew Klavan's "The Last Thing I Remember" is one of the more subversive books I've read in a long time. I ought to know - I used to be a subversive (or consider myself to be one). Moreover, it's subversive in a truly important and new way.

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